Rogue Titan vs Tempest

What are the biggest differences sound wise between the original tempest and the titan integrated? I know they use different output tubes for starters, but I've never owned KT88's but currently own an el34 integrated amp. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
The "Titan" refers to the most recent series of affordable components from Rogue that includes the Metis preamp, Atlas power amp and Cronus integrated amp. I have a Cronus and though I have not had the chance to compare it to the Tempest, it is one very fine amp for the bux. It is 55wpc in Class A/B. It compares very well to the CJ CAV50. perhaps a little better in the bass, a little smaller in soundstage.
I had the Cronus and now have the Tempest. The Cronus has more spank, more forward delivery and sweeter in the mids. (It uses EL34s.) The Tempest (stock version) sounds lighter but not thin. It is smoother sounding to me (perhaps the amp has many more hours than the Cronus had before I sold it). Either amp is worth owning. If your other gear is forward sounding, the Tempest might be better and if your other gear is neutral or laid back, the Cronus may be better. Or, if you need certain features, the Cronus has it all. If you want strip down amp with both Triode or UL settings, the Tempest has that and both come with a remote thanks to the folks at Rogue. Good job guys!!