Rogue Tempest or Jolida JD1000A Integrateds?

Moving to tubes and have decided to go with one of the above by researching Audiogon forum threads. Comments from those of you that have heard one or both units would be greatly appreciated. I am powering the Cliffhanger Audio CHS-2 W2's.
You need to take a close look at your power requirments.
Confirm the dB sensitivity on you Cloffhangers.They are in the Low 80dB's I belive. You need lots of juice to get these going.I would suggest with either amp a 90+dB is required to get optimum results.
The Rogue Magnum Tempest has double the power supply capacitance of the reular version along with larger and better output transformers. It ought to drive the Cliffhangers very well providing you room isn't huge.
You should check the impedance characteristics of the Cliffhangers as well to find out at what level and where in the frequency spectrum they bottom out, as this could be an even bigger issue than sensitivity. I've heard nothing but good things from the support Rogue gives potential customers, so you might want to check with them too. Best of luck.

Checked with Mr O'Brien at Rogue. Nice straightforward normal kinda guy. I like that. Well I'll keep you all posted eh.
I heard the Tempest on a 90db (true measurement) MTM style speaker rated 4ohm nominal and it did very nicely. There is one here for sale about $1,450. I am not a Rogueophile but I was not aware of Magnum upgrades for the integrated stuff as Chelillingworth talked about but he is usually on top of this stuff (don't ya love it when the discussion goes to passive components and transformers instead of brand names.) Anyway, I know they have a Magnum Tempest amp with upgrades available. I have had a little experience w/ Jolida through a friend and at least with their amps the stock tubes are almost throw-aways if you ask me. Maybe just a bad exprience.

Sincerely, I remain
Clueless, the CHS-2's are 4 ohm and sometimes dip down below that in heavy bass passages. In any case, I have a feeling the Rogue will perform well. Other comments would be greatly appreciated.
I talked to a few ppl who have the Jolida JD1000a and they've told me that there is always a low level hum...
Not cool. I'm used to the MF A3 Integrated with choke regulated power supplies, so humming is unknown to me. So the Magnum Tempest it is. Good times :)
The Jolida 1000A is an excellent amp. I have been using it with Sveltlanna EL34s and Real Mullards on the front end pre-amp. The sound is simply delicious. Is there a slight hum? Yeah if you are sitting 8 inches away from it. But if you are like most people I doubt that you would be able to hear any hum at any reasonable distance. Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen. I think that you will answer your own question.
One of the very best sounds I heard at CES 2001, and by far the best in its price range, was the JoLida 1000A driving a pair of Cliffhanger Bulldogs. This was the only combination that actually brought tears to my eyes at the show. I was already a dealer for JoLida, but I'd never heard the 1000A and was frankly shocked by the experience. Later I became a Cliffhanger dealer based on that audition. I haven't heard the CS-2W's, but I'd say there's an excellent chance that the synergy between the JD1000A and Cliffhanger products extends to your speakers.

I also have a great deal of respect for Rogue. But that particular JoLida uses the EL34 tube which is a better midrange tube than the KT88's used by the Rogue. Factor in upgrading the stock chinese tubes, though.
Aaapers and Audiokinesis. I decided to get the Rogue Magnum Tempest. It is sounding better with every hour of break in! I would like to hear the Jolida 1000 with some good tubes and caps with my speakers. For the 60W of power in this Rogue amp, it really does bass well (KT88's). I've got Electo Harmonics in the output and input. What else have you guys got in your systems?
Congrats on your choice, Buckingham, and glad to hear the synergy is there! That's really what makes or breaks a system. Yes the KT88's have great bass, so that may well be the better choice for your system.

Best wishes to you!