Rogue Tempest Magnum vs. Audio Research CA-50

Has anyone had the chance to own each of these tube integrateds, or have you had the chance to A/B them? If so, what were your impressions?
The Rogue is Leagues better than the AR. I have A/B'd theem in a shop and lived very happily with the Tempest Magnum. It tromps the AR in every respect. The Tempest is quite a remarkable amp at this price with the Magnum upgrade being highly recommended and worth every penny. There is no Tube integrated anywhere near it's price with the parts and build quality of this machine. This is really one of those no brainers, I could go on and on forever about how better the Rogue is than all comparable AR, CJ, Cary, VTL, VAC etc.... Have Fun
It's a matter of opinion and personal taste. New companies come and go.I would go with the most experienced and best service. Plus resale is a consideration. Good luck selling a Rogue down the road. Another boat anchor?
I am not familiar with Rogue amps, but i was impressed with CA-50 and compared it with CJ Cav-50. However, lack of flexibility (only 6550 tube) and price swayed me toward older Sonic Frontiers Control-1 where i could use variety of tubes (Kt88, Kt90, 6550 and El34) for wider range of sound. Now i am looking to upgrade to separates. CA-50 has very open sound and very good bass. More, ss sounding without much glare. It doesn't produce larger than life sound (like CJ's Cav-50) but still has large soundstage more up-front than CJ's, so it does appear that detail is better. Cav-50 appears better with rock music (although didn't listen more than couple of rock CD's). This doesn't answer your question, but i hope it helps some?

Catpenney Rouge a boat anchor i dont think so. I have a rouge 99 magnum it is very musical and its bottom end rivals the best tube preamps.Go ahead and buy the name,Try an Aloia amp and relax and take in the most smoothest,dynamic music you have ever heard.. Its only in a name..
Captpenny, if Rogue is a boat anchor, lots of people must be sailors. From what I see on Audiogon, Rogue gear sells as fast as anything on the site.