Rogue Tempest Magnum original ver questions

Hi all,

I have a few questions about this amp, and cannot find answers anywhere. This is in regard to the original, mk 1 version of the Rogue Tempest with the Magnum upgrade..

1. Does the magnum upgrade increase power output? I believe non-magnum ver does 60 watts per channel. Is it higher on the magnum version?

2. Can I use EL34 tubes in this amp?

3. Can I use KT120 tubes in the amp, with the cover removed to compensate for increases tube height?

Thanks for responding to my first Audiogon post.
I do not have an answer for you, but I have a suggestion. I purchased a used Rogue 99 preamp. I had some questions and Mark O'Brien at Rogue was very helpful.

I would not hesitate to contact them directly with your questions. Rogue will be your source for the most accutare answers, especially whether you can use KT 120 tubes in your Tempest.
The Tempest 1 was 60 watts stock. Your Magnum is probably 90 watts. I'm pretty sure the KT90's are actually about 1/4 inch taller than the 120's. the issue you'll run into is the larger diameter of the 120. I think Rogue will tell you you can use them and they'll probably sell you a new tube cover with larger knockouts. They told me I have that option with my Cronus Magnum. I'm very close to calling them to order a new cover and the tubes.