Rogue Stealth vs. Monolithic PS/HC vs. Black Cube

I think I've narrowed it down to these. Any expereience or comparisons between these? Heard great things from the cube and mono, not as much from the rogue, but nothing comparing them...Thanks.
I have owned the Rogue and the Monolithic Sound and there wasn't much to choose between them. Perhaps a slightly richer sound with the Rogue.

Both were easily bested by the Trigon Vanguard II I am using now.
Well, I've decided to A/B about 6 stages and decide which one works best for me. I got the Black Cube last night and for a first listen was VERY impressed!! It's just so damn ugly! Just picked up a Stealth and that will be the first A/B test.

On the list:
Black Cube
Rogue Stealth
Monolithic PS/HC
Jolida 9A
Phenom or Nova (probably Phenom)
If for some strange reason I find an EAR for cheap, I'll throw that in...not likely though