Rogue Sphinx V3 interconnect recommendations

Hello. Looking for interconnect recommendations for my new Rogue Sphinx V3. I will be connecting to a Fluance RT85 with an Ortofon Blue Cartridge and a DAC which I have not picked out yet (I have a post asking for recommendations in the digital forum but you’re welcome to recommend a DAC here as well) the DAC will need to have a USB B input as well as an optical input. 


A Monoprice IC will be just as good as the "high price spread". As the French chef says " No diffawrance!".

OP I can tell you from experience that interconnects do make a difference but the trick is finding one that will synergize with your system. Take a look at Silnote interconnects. They range from 300 to 3000. I had the Morpheus line and it was very good and balanced. 

if your system leans a little dark/warm take a look at Audio Envy. For best bang for your buck try Zavfino