Rogue Sphinx

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on this guy but I just have one question. Does anyone know if this unit plays nice with a universal remote such as the stock Dish remote. I talked to the manufacture and they said that it works with learning remotes. How well is my question? If any one has any input based on experience that would be great.
Forgive me but why is that an important part of the decision-making process? Do you enjoy the way it sounds?
Hi Daniel. I can't directly answer your question but if you spoke to Rogue and they said it will work, then it will work. I've dealt with Rogue. These guys answer the the phone themselves on the second ring. The last thing they want is to get a call from an angry customer. Pull the trigger on that bad boy and let us know how you like it.
Lindisfarne--well since I have a family I think it is rather impractical and annoying to have to use a second remote just to change the volume.

Donjr I am looking for direct user experience. I want to know how well it works. The Sphinx has had one issue as expressed by users and that was it's volume control was not that accurate. They have since upgraded the circuit board and rewrote some of the firmware for this. My question is how incremental are the volume steps when using a different remote.
Okay, I got you now. Then it was the same one they were using in most of their gear. I had a Cronus Magnum which is a great integrated, but the slightest tap of the volume on the remote moved it up and down more than I would have liked. It wasn't a deal breaker for me though. Sacrifices will be made at most price points.
I would like to add that I think Rogue would have technical details regarding this. The manufacturer of my amp was able to tell me that my volume moves up and down in one db increments.
Until you move higher up the line to the Athena and Hera, all the remotes move volume in increments. In my case, it's 2dB steps on a Perseus Magnum. I wish it was 1dB, but the remote was never a deal breaker.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will have to contact the manufacturer by phone rather than email and see what more information I can get.
Donjr I noticed that you have a Hegel 200. I just recently sold a H100 in favor of my current Exposure 2010s2. The H100 had a very refined sound with lots of detail, Air, and tight bass. When you turned the volume up it seemed as though the higher frequencies just filled the air. I ended up preferring the 2010S2 because of its thicker midrange, and more attacking rhythmic sound...textured if there is such a way to describe it. Anyways I was thinking the Rogue Sphinx might be a different flavor and step sideways now that I see you preferred the H200 over your Cronus Magnum? My initial goal is to upgrade to the 3010S2 when a used one shows up on the market but for now the Sphinx was going to be the last stop along the way.
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I use a Rogue Sphinx with a universal remote (logitech). No problems. Of course, it just controls volume.

Also, Rogue has released an update to the chip that controls the remote volume control so it is more granular/smoother. Its in all their current stock, and you can buy a retrofit if you wish. I did, but personally, the movement of the old chip did not bother me either....