Rogue Speaker cable: Hard to believe??

First, Rogue speaker cable has no connection to the noted Rogue Audio to the best of my knowledge.

Nevertheless, while surfing e-bay, I came across a sale for Rogue speaker cable. It looked like quality built wire, and made many of the same fabulous claims that many speaker cable manufacturers make about their wire. So what could I lose for $95.00 including shipping, (except $95.00) for a single wire 12 ft pair with quality connectors

After, a few weeks of use, I kept looking for an excuse to come to my senses, and look for better cable; but,the cable kept sounding better. Bass was tight,dynamics were remarkable, and overall tonal quality was way above average for this price. Hard to believe!!

On the negative side, fit and finish are not top of the line, one of the banana plugs does not fit securely Sonically, the cable seems to limit the sound stage to the inside borders of the speakers; stage depth is shallow, giving the impression that the musicians are playing on top of each other.

However, the cable is neither fatiguing nor hard to listen to. It sins are only those of omission. But please note.....As good as it CAN SOUND, this wire is not the magic bullet,or wonder cable we all seek like the holy grail so as NOT to spend thousands of bucks on highly touted major speaker cables brands.

Therefore, I am curious if anyone out there has tried the Rogue speaker cable,and come away with a few similar impressions, or should I schedule an appointment for an ear wash!!!
Really Sunnyjim? You can't wash your own ears? Its really not that hard. If you like, I can walk you through the procedure.
Zd542, I hope you are being facetious??!!#%&

However, I have read on more than one occasion, how the build up of earwax can impede hearing. In my own case, at age 67. I would say it is not that but something called "hard of hearing" Of course, that is a dangerous fact to admit on Audiogon because it can be a disqualifier of any future opinion".... on all things audio...large and small"
I remember the firestorm some years back when someone suggested to a leading audio magazine that they publish the hearing test graphs of all their family doc has me use Debrox weekly, audiophile or not, ear wax can be a nuisance, and if it builds up it does change/impede hearing...
Jl35, Thank you for the confirmation. Now all we need is for ZD542 to "hear" it!!!
Sorry, but I couldn't help but have a little fun. The way you worded it (Washing your ears), just sounds like something you do when you take a bath. I started laughing, hence my poorly understood sense of humor that comes out when I type.

In all seriousness, don't be too quick to go have your ears cleaned. Some peoples ears ring after they have it done. Luckily, I didn't have that problem, but from what I understand, it can be a real issue.
ZD542, I might be getting a bit testy in my old age. Nevertheless, no offense taken.

Good to know about the potential for ringing from de-waxing of ears. (Dr Oz....where are you when we need you??)

However, back on point:... has anyone else tried these Rogue cables advertised on e-bay?? After more listening, I have discovered "the more to like than dislike" equation is kind of evening out.

a few years ago, I had the pleasure of auditioning some Rogue Audio gear. The owner of The Listening Room in Baltimore, does not believe in over-priced (expensive) cable/cords. He was using Straight Wire brand, the cheapest models. The sound was very good to my dismay.
Could it have been better? Sure, for more money...
I believe Rogue uses bulk Canare speaker cable and terminates and finishes them off. Canare makes good cable. A lot of your recordings were made with their mic cables as well as many studios are wired with them. Mogami is another recording and live sound industry standard that works well, too.

At this point in my life, I roll my own cables both analog and digital and found that for a lot less I get a lot more.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of good things about Morrow Audio cables. I haven't heard them myself, but every single person that has them raves about how good they are. I checked Morrows web site and the prices are very reasonable. Normally, I wouldn't mention anything that I haven't heard myself, but they have a return policy, and the comments are just too good to ignore.