Rogue's new Sphinx integrated. Anyone audition it?

Rogue Electronics has just released a new integrated amp called "the Sphinx" Retail is $1295. Remote is $100 extra(which is a stupid policy) It is a 100RMS, and has a few useful features like an MM phono stage and balance control, headphone jack. Some of Rogue's past, and still current pieces have received very good reviews. I would be interested to hear from memebers who have auditioned this new IA, and how it compares to other IA under $2000. Thanks
Thanks to all who participated in this thread. I almost forgot I had submitted it. Since last viewing the responses, I tried to work a deal with a Rogue dealer in New York who offered me a generous trade on my separates for the Rogue's Cronus Magnum. Several member suggested to go with the CM over the Sphinx because it sounded better but was $1000 more. (I actually like the design of the Sphinx because you can place a medium weight CDP on top.

Unfortunately, I had to put the deal on hold because shipping my separates to the dealer in NY state from Hawaii, and Rogue drop shipping Cronos Magnum from Pennsylvania to me was going to cost about $200-250. Considering the trade in allowance, the deal was only good for CM, because buying the Sphinx would have me losing money with the trade. I did not see the advantage of paying over $200 for shipping....that is one of the major drawbacks of living in paradise....everything costs extra money.

However, I am still not sure why the CM is worth almost $1000 more than Sphinx, and more importantly, how the CM is supposed to be much better than its "hybrid" little brother, except that it uses "better parts" When I return to the mainland in July 2014, I will probably try to salvage the NY deal unless I find something better.

Happy Holidays to all. Jim
Roscoeiii - I had the Cronus Magnum with KT120 it sounded ok with Harbeth 7ES3 anything else I tried, Paradigm,Totem,Sonus Faber, didn't really match..I also heard a lot of pop and clicks and all troubles associated with not so well engineered amps - u guess its just me who (:- I know that the higher up rogue products are excellent though heard the Sphinx/Medusa yesterday and found these to be so '-so .
I auditioned the Sphinx. Nice for the money but the Bada Purer 3.3R that I compared it to was more to my liking. The Bada, a hybrid tube amp like the Sphinx sounded fuller, richer and has deep weighty bass with great attack & dynamics. I purchased the Bada from Pacific Valve & Electric (recently officially closed for business) as a demo for $1199. List price was $1799, not much more than the Sphinx although the Sphinx includes a phono & headphone amp. I noticed pronounced sibilance and a leaner overall tone with the Sphinx. The Bada had none of those characteristics. However, the Sphinx was not broken in with about 50 hours on it.