Rogue RP-7 vs. PrimaLuna Dialogue Tube Preamps

As I understand it, the Rogue RP7 is fully balanced but not dual mono design. PrimaLuna Dialogue is dual mono design with more tubes but has only RCA inputs and outputs. Rogue is $5k, PL $3.2k. Rogue weighs 30 lb., PL 50+ lb.

Given these bare considerations (and any other relevant variables such as intended use, associated devices, etc.), which would you choose and why?
The one that best matches the system it’s going into and has the sound you're looking for.
jaybe, I'm sure you are right, but knowing no dealer willing to let me audition both devices in my own system prior to purchase, I'd just be guessing. Maybe the question is phrased too abstractly. I'm actually soliciting the experiences of those who have owned or tried of one or both units. 
I've had an RP7 (driving a Stereo 100 power) for almost a year now.  It's dead quiet, very dynamic, and responds well to tube rolling. The stock JJ 12 AU7s aren't anything to write home about, and I've gone through a bunch of rolls, I've settled on RCA black plate 5814As as main, and Tung Sol black glass as followers.  I find the RP7 to be utterly non fatiguing, and any "color" added is due to tube choice.  I like a BIT of color.  

Anyway, the RP7 is quite versatile.  I use the processor out for a Schiit Loki for nighttime listening/low level bass boost when needed.  The fixed out goes to my headphone amp (sounds better than the built in).  The variable outs go to my subwoofers.  Connection from my phono pre and DAC are balanced, and out to the power amp is balanced as well.  I use the HT bypass from my AV receiver as well.  Many options.  I'm very pleased, and for me, this is an endgame preamp.  The RP7 leaves me sonically wanting nothing, as least not overtly. Sorry I'm not much help as I've never used a Primaluna.  
Helpful enough for me on the Rogue side, thanks!
I don’t have experience with either but would always go with the American made product ( Rogue). You can call and talk to the people who actually make your equipment, and support American jobs.