Rogue RP-7 vs. PrimaLuna Dialogue Tube Preamps

As I understand it, the Rogue RP7 is fully balanced but not dual mono design. PrimaLuna Dialogue is dual mono design with more tubes but has only RCA inputs and outputs. Rogue is $5k, PL $3.2k. Rogue weighs 30 lb., PL 50+ lb.

Given these bare considerations (and any other relevant variables such as intended use, associated devices, etc.), which would you choose and why?
The one that best matches the system it’s going into and has the sound you're looking for.
jaybe, I'm sure you are right, but knowing no dealer willing to let me audition both devices in my own system prior to purchase, I'd just be guessing. Maybe the question is phrased too abstractly. I'm actually soliciting the experiences of those who have owned or tried of one or both units. 
I've had an RP7 (driving a Stereo 100 power) for almost a year now.  It's dead quiet, very dynamic, and responds well to tube rolling. The stock JJ 12 AU7s aren't anything to write home about, and I've gone through a bunch of rolls, I've settled on RCA black plate 5814As as main, and Tung Sol black glass as followers.  I find the RP7 to be utterly non fatiguing, and any "color" added is due to tube choice.  I like a BIT of color.  

Anyway, the RP7 is quite versatile.  I use the processor out for a Schiit Loki for nighttime listening/low level bass boost when needed.  The fixed out goes to my headphone amp (sounds better than the built in).  The variable outs go to my subwoofers.  Connection from my phono pre and DAC are balanced, and out to the power amp is balanced as well.  I use the HT bypass from my AV receiver as well.  Many options.  I'm very pleased, and for me, this is an endgame preamp.  The RP7 leaves me sonically wanting nothing, as least not overtly. Sorry I'm not much help as I've never used a Primaluna.  
I don’t have experience with either but would always go with the American made product ( Rogue). You can call and talk to the people who actually make your equipment, and support American jobs.
A strong argument always, agreed. It seems what PrimaLuna provides instead is an exclusive, and remarkably helpful, U.S. online dealer. Upscale Audio doesn't build the device (now updated to EVO 300 from DiaLogue for another $500), but represents the brand extremely well. 

That said, I still have not heard or played with either one. PrimaLuna is easier for tube rolling, yet offers this advice about doing so with its products:

And now another seemingly casual first-world consumer choice becomes a matter of conscience. Which is likely a good thing for everybody. If only  we could trade conscience for prescience, we'd never go wrong.
At this price level I thought you might want to entertain a couple other options that have gotten stellar reviews both here and in the press, just FYI if nothing else.  All made in US.

- Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL, around $4500 depending on options
- Linear Tube Audio MZ3, $3700, virtually identical to MicroZOTL with fewer inputs and no balanced option
- Don Sachs Custom Linestage, $2500 pretty much fully tricked out

Sorry if I’m muddying the waters here, but at this price level I thought it might be nice to entertain a few other highly-regarded options before pulling the trigger.  Member @teajay has reviewed (and purchased) some LTA products and may have some insightful feedback and perspectives for you before you make a final decision.  I will mention both LTA and Sachs offer a trial period so you can see how they perform in your system before fully committing.  Anyway, hope this is more helpful than annoying, and best of luck in whatever you ultimately decide. 
soix, appreciate your further information. You're right; for a large investment in the key piece in the system the buyer should consider every reasonable candidate. Will definitely have a look at these. The trial period is a real plus, and thanks for that.
The Dialogue has been discontinued. Current version with balanced in/out is the EVO 400 which I am still considering along with Rogue and Raven. Also like the Linear MicroZOTL, but this comes only in black and I am done with black buttons on a black background in a low-lit listening room.

For the present, I am experimenting with the $900 Schiit Freya Plus. A balanced tube line stage with inputs/outputs mirroring the others at a fraction of the price. Missing some soundstage depth but little else. Higher priority for now is the digital player and DAC with many more variables in play. Likely 6-8 months before all the pieces fall together into what I envision as a "final" system.

Thanks for asking. Ball is still in the air since I have the luxury of time to get things approximately "right."
 I was also impressed with Freya +/

If you use Sylvania vt231 in gain stage and RCA gray bottle on buffer stage, then it give good balance of details and soundstage.

Just my 2 cents.

" I am done with black buttons on a black background in a low-lit listening room."
It does come with a remote.
I'm another "Freya-phile."  Original version, and it sounds so good (NOS GEs) I have zero desire to replace it unless I need a second system in my future beach mansion...then a Freya + would be in the mix.
I have not yet tried any tube rolling in Freya but will get around to it and follow these suggestions from you veterans. Thanks for sharing. I feel sure the JJs which came with mine do not reveal the device's ultimate sonic potential. Just establishing a baseline until time allows more experimentation.