Rogue RP-1 pre-amp. Just another SS pre-amp, or high end caliber??

Rogue RP-1 was reviewed about 6 months ago in Stereophile  I have not seen any other reviews. Does anyone own or have auditioned  this pre-amp. 

 If so,  is this just another solid pre-amp, or punches far above its price ($1695.00) and qualifies as a high end product worthy to be placed in systems between $5000-$15,000   Thank you

I have an RP1 paired with a Channel Island E200S feeding Harbeth Super HL5+. Much as I like solid state amps, I wanted an amp I could lift (bad back). I am extremely pleased with the combination. I use a low output MC and the sound is exceptional and smooth. A relatively inexpensive combination with great sound. As for balanced vs unbalanced, in most environments you won't hear a difference over short runs.

Another major advantage of both manufacturers is that you can call and get a knowledgeable person.

I'm a happy camper.
I demoed an RP-1 in my system and ended up returning it due primarily to insufficient gain for my main source component, which has a relatively low output voltage.  The dealer from whom I borrowed the launch-version RP-1 told me at the time that Rogue had just made some tweaks to the gain stage to give it more gain.  He offered to let me ship it to Rogue for the update and then try it again, but I passed.  In the right system I imagine it could be nice, but it was not a good match for mine.  I tried a total of four preamps and settled on the Mark Levinson 326S, which is so great in so many ways that I have no desire to search out an elusive potential upgrade.  The ML326S cost way more than the RP-1 and the other two preamps I tried, but the end-game nature of it could make it a relative bargain in the long run.  Good luck with your search.
I did try the phono stage.  It was good considering it was part of ~$1700 preamp.  But I have an Ayre P-5xe, which I adore.  No comparison; with the Ayre, you are there.  

One thing that my dealer told me which you might want to investigate:  The RP1 inverts polarity, but that the phono stage adds another level of inversion so polarity is "normal" when you're using the phono stage.  I am a Vandersteen guy, so I take this phase stuff seriously.  YMMV. Moving around speaker wires each time to use the phono stage would annoy even me.

Your solution is listed below. 
Balanced Audio BAT VK-31 se w/ remote & phono stage!Listing ID: lis7d886 Classified  Listed October 26, 2016 3:50pm · 

It has been my experience that same named brands work better together probably because the overall philosophy behind the design is the same. You want each one of your components optimal performance to match each other in order to capture their full potential as a whole until to achieve the best sound possible. 

Your BAT VK 200 has a frequency response of 2hz - 200khz
The Rogue RP- 1 has a frequency response of 1hz - 75khz, $1.7K
The Rogue RP - 5 has a frequency response  of  1hz - 100khz, $3.5K
The Rogue Hera 2 has a frequency response of  1hz - 300khz, $9K

The BAT VK 31 se has a frequency response of 2hz - 300khz, $2.3K

Some would argue that frequency response is not everything, but it gets you very close to where you need to be. Frequency response  weeds out choices like the RP 1, as it only captures a fraction of your VK 200 performance potential. Ideally you would need a Hera 2 at $9k or $4.5K used, which makes the BAT 31 at around $2k a no brainer, especially since it is designed to work with your BAT VK amps and  it has a similar tube complement as the Hera 2. 

If you score this unit, your next upgrades should be Interconnects to the Ayre, - think Thales.  All in - your investments should last a long time and it will be like having a whole new system for a fraction of the price. Good Luck

To ggc, Thanks for the heads-up. I did see the ad and communicated with the seller. I believe he is asking $2500, and is somewhat firm on price.  Considering it has both phono and remote, pre-amp appears to be a good deal. It would look a lot better at $2200, or even $2000. 

As I noted before. the BAT VK-200 gets hot. It is located in on a Sanus audio rack that allows for 3-4 inches of airflow and near a sliding window above it that can be opened.  I do have a concern that BAT pre-amp might run "almost" as hot because it uses several tubes. I don't need to two room heatesr in Los Angeles's climate

When I started this project, I limited myself to about $2500 for separates, I probably can net $1000 for my Rogue Sphinx integrated. I changed the 2 stock output tubes to Mullards CV 4003  to cut down the glare and a bit of edge produced by the Rogue  Hypex Class D design  So the my total investment in this piece was about $1550.

 (BTW,  anyone who claims you make money on turning over audio equipment must be somewhat of a dreamer; I have lost more than gained)

 Nevertheless, your comments about the importance of matching frequency response is credible and makes good sense. I want to make sure I can unlock all of the potential of VK-200 amp.

Thanks to all the others who responded so far, your comments are helpful.