Rogue RP-1 pre-amp. Just another SS pre-amp, or high end caliber??

Rogue RP-1 was reviewed about 6 months ago in Stereophile  I have not seen any other reviews. Does anyone own or have auditioned  this pre-amp. 

 If so,  is this just another solid pre-amp, or punches far above its price ($1695.00) and qualifies as a high end product worthy to be placed in systems between $5000-$15,000   Thank you

I am "between" pre-amps right now and auditioned it in my system.  It wasn't right for me.  It is rather sensitive to the input impedance of your amp; in my system it sounded rather lifeless.  Also, my system uses all Ayre sources, so the fact that it is single ended really should have been a sign that it wasn't the right choice for me.  That said, it is quiet, seems well made, and is quite nice to look at.  But it will be a question of system matching, like with most things in this hobby.  

BTW, I assume "SS" means solid state.  The RP-1 is tubed.  (

cedargrover.  Thank you for response. Yes, you are right, it is a tube pre-amp. I appreciate the link you provided which offers the Soundstage review

The Rogue would be hooked up to a BAT VK-200. My major media source is an Ayre CX-7eMP  As of now, it is hooked to the pre-outs of the a Rogue Sphinx integrated amp; and it sounds  good.. 

However, my intuitions  tell me the VK-200 deserves a better front end BUT, at what cost.

I ran a similar earlier thread asking about whether the pre-out of an integrated amp could provide sound quality equal  that of  a separate quality pre-amp. The reviews were mixed, but favored the separate pre. 

I have looked at a variety of pre-amps including several older BAT pre-amps which even used are not inexpensive and  almost always have neither a remote or phono stage. I could always buy an out board  phono box or stage, but a good simple remote  is a given.  BAT offers both at $500 each....far.too much added dough 

BAT VK-200 is a mix of balanced and unbalanced connectors, but I am not convinced if using  a balanced pre-amp will make a major difference in the sound quality of either than amp, or the  Ayre CD player which recommends using  a balanced output to input cable. 

In addition to older BAT pre-amps, I have considered  a Coda CP preamp, and  a used Conrad Johnson 18LS  which comes with remote and received very good reviews. The Coda CP has both remote and phono stage, the CJ has no phono stage and a few HT features I would never use. The Coda is current, and the CJ LS18 was issued in 2004.

Lastly, did you check out the phono stage of RP-1 ?? 

According to Rogue it is superior to the one  in their Sphinx integrated which I think is quite good, but has a low overall output  with some MM cartridges., and MC high out put MC's.     


If it fits your budget, Audio Advisor has the Parasound P7 on sale for $1699. Balanced in and out, MM/MC phono, headphone amp.