Rogue Rap-1 to RP-5

I own RP-1 and am contemplating an upgrade. Looking for opinions from those who have compared the two preamps (RP-1 and RP-5) side by side or stepped up to RP-5. Is RP-5 a noticeable improvement? What about the phono section (already excellent in RP-1), is it an upgrade as well?
Amplifier is Rogue ST-100, Bryston BDA-3 DAC, Rega P2 table with Hana EL cartridge, Martin Logan Montis speakers.
The RP1 is OK but early versions sounded bland and lacked transparency.  
The RP 5 sounds better, much more refined, more dynamic and more transparent.  The phono stage is much better.  
HOWEVER the one I recommend you get is the RH 5 headphone amp and line stage with optional phono.  
The sound is much better than the RP1, I prefer it to the RP 7 which i also owned.  
Tge RH 5 is a smaller unit but has a huge, dynamic, driving transparent sound and excellent transparency too.  
With the RH 5 you can use the balanced connections to the stereo 100, lowering noise and improving dynamics.  The RP 5 does not have balanced connections.  
Check stereophiles review of the RH 5, it is awesome !  I didnt even use the headphone amp. i
I can't answer the exact question but, a friend went from a Rogue Perseus to the RP-5. It was a big improvement all around and the Perseus can perform well in the right situation.

The Perseus lacks a standby mode so, it took a few hours (like 5 or 6) of on time for the Perseus to sound its best. Is it correct that the RP-1 also, lacks a standby mode? If so, it also needs a long warm up to compare to an RP-5 if both are to be on equal footing, not to mention also having the same tubes in each for an apples to apples comparison (they ought to be equally warm for the comparison).

Speaking of footing, my friend also put a set of Herbie's Tenderfeet under the RP-5. That was a very significant improvement.

Side note: I am temporarily borrowing the Perseus while my Calypso is in for repair/upgrade. With a pair of RCA clear tops in the rear tube positions and pair of current production Mullards in the front, the Perseus sounds very good. The tubes make all the difference between just ok and really pleasing sound. My friend is running Mazda NOS tubes in the RP-5.

i ran the RH 5 with the Stereo 100 (great pairing) and also the Parasound a21+.  I preferred the sound of the Stereo 100 overall, especially bass and dynamics.