Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?

Hi,  I have heard the Pharaoh but never the Magnum III.

I liked but I read very good reviews of the Magnum III.

I have JBL L100 Classic 90db. Any recomendation ?  I am looking for an integrated to reduce my system


im seeing pharaoh. I see differences, a black transformer cover and different capacitors. The second picture is pharaoh 1 or 2 ? on the front  only say "rogue audio" and on the back "Pharaoh"

The top picture is the new Pharaoh 2. These are different sounding amps and the major differences include a new amplifier circuit designed around the Hypex N-core amplifier modules increases both power and performance. The preamplifier includes numerous upgrades as well as an improved phono section and an all new hybrid headphone amplifier.


Much experience with the Pharaoh I, just heard the II at AXPONA this past April. 

The sound signature seemed mainly the same.  Bass heavy, lack of transparency, relatively unrefined midrange and treble.  I thought it was the worst sounding room at AXPONA as mentioned live on another forum.  

Of course speakers matter but so does the amplifier.  

The Cronus Magnum III can sound highly transparent, dynamic and with a high end refinement that never fatigues.  A little judicious swapping of the small signal tubes with NOS and it becomes even better.