Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?

Hi,  I have heard the Pharaoh but never the Magnum III.

I liked but I read very good reviews of the Magnum III.

I have JBL L100 Classic 90db. Any recomendation ?  I am looking for an integrated to reduce my system


Those speakers certainly don't impress me.  I don't like JBL subwoofers either.

I’ve got the Cronus Magnum II and love it.  Both it and my speakers, Ohm Walsh 5000 make magic with an ancient used LP War’s The World is a Ghetto.  Acoustic, like Gillian Welch, Vanessa Fernandez, is sublime, but it really shines with busy percussion.  I might even get into my wife’s Bob Marley collection.



No one was asking about your impression of the speakers, he already owns them, so why diss them?


I had the original Cronus Magnum with the KT120 tubes..  I tube rolled, had 2 Mullard NOS 4003 tubes and can't remember what I went with for the other 3 tubes.  I always felt the sound was a little bit grainy and found it to be the KT120 tubes.  I tried EL34 tubes but didn't like the too polite tone.  I sold the amp after a year.

congrats @matias1979 !  

you will love the CM III.  listen for the smooth, refined sound and the huge atmospheric sound stage.