Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?

Hi,  I have heard the Pharaoh but never the Magnum III.

I liked but I read very good reviews of the Magnum III.

I have JBL L100 Classic 90db. Any recomendation ?  I am looking for an integrated to reduce my system


I just sold my Magnum 3 for a Pharaoh 2 a few weeks ago. I had tuned the Magnum to suit my tastes using various tubes and it sounded wonderful. But I was curious to hear the Pharaoh after reading some posts here on the forum. Some of the members here decided to replace their Magnum with the Pharaoh. My dealer allowed me to audition at home for a few days to compare.

The Pharaoh lacked some of that all tube magic but also had some interesting qualities. They included a lower noise flood, more micro detail with better dynamics  and was cleaner sounding. I’m now hearing individual instruments clearer and sounds that I could hardly here prior.

I did love the sound of the Magnum but I’ve grown tired of the heat generated in my my small listening room plus I like to leave the music on throughout the day since I’m retired. I also have small grandkids and I’m concerned they may knock into the tubes even when it’s not playing.

I installed a pair of NOS mullards into the Pharaoh which gave it a warmer and richer sound over the stock tubes.  As I stated it doesn’t have the all tube magic but it does come close. IMO, the Pharaoh is a good all around integrated amp.

I listened to the pharaoh and I really liked it a lot, maybe just a little cold, but I guess because of the original tubes. I have never heard the magnum but I read very good comments. I decided to blindly buy it for my jbl even though I was left with Pharaoh’s doubts. I hope I have done well. I receive the magnum in a few days.

Pharoah no doubt with those were it me. . Unless you mainly listen to acoustic music perhaps.  Some will prefer Cronus and want the tubes.   It’s a judgement call.