Rogue Perseus Magnum vs. ModWright SWL 9.0SE Sig

I have a Rogue Perseus that I recently had upgraded to Magnum, putting it near the same price as the SWL. The upgrade was an amazing improvement and I highly recommend it to Rogue fans. I haven't heard anything better, which leads me to my point. Has anyone compared the Perseus to the 9.0SE?

I'd definitely want the newer 9.0SE with the internal tube-rectified power supply and upgraded caps, etc. I'm intrigued because the 9.0SE gets so many reviews about how it's the best thing under $5k, while the Rogue is so rarely reviewed. I plan to do some listening and maybe auditioning at home from a local dealer, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Any input is appreciated.
Not familiar with the Perseus Rogue. I had the Rogue 99 Magnum, and I now have a Modwright with cap upgrades. Two different sounds. Rogue was warm, full, more tubey sounding.
I didn't care for it, and I kept my then CJ Pv11 preamp, even though the Rogue did some things better, it didn't sound natural to my ears. The Modwright is more linear, more details, with better dynamics, and a great midrange. Depends on the sound you are looking for. Don't get hyped about all the press, if you like the Rogue. Definitely listen to both and decide. I am going to be selling my Modright to get an all in one unit with phono stage. One of the best preamps I have owned, and I have owned man top rated preamps.
Thanks! I do like the Rogue, especially after upgrade. Haven't heard the 99, but people on here seem to like the Perseus much more. Works well with my Quad 909 SS power amp to push Dynaudio Audience 52SE monitors into a 15x25ft room with a REL sub. Airy, detailed. Clear crisp highs. Great bass and mids. Very nice, but I haven't heard others in it's class to compare. I just know that it does what I want.

The Modwright seems like a lateral move, but I'll audition it and see. Some wife-oriented living room changes are causing me to look at small footprints and the Rouge is very large. The Modwright LS 36.5 really intrigues me and will likely be a front-runner when I decide to upgrade.
Daveed_tx, great to hear about the Perseus Magnum. I just sent my Perseus to Rogue for the Magnum upgrade last week. I've had my Perseus about a year. The issue I've had is audible hum at my listening position when HT Bypass is engaged. I've already done as much as I can to get rid of any ground loop hum. So I'm hoping the Magnum upgrade, with the bigger power supply, will address the hum issue, as well as improve the SQ, which I already really like.

I too would like to check out the Modwright LS 36.5 someday.
Hi Bahorn, the Perseus with the Magnum update is SO much quieter. I too had a hum, but all the time. Never use the HT bypass. It seems to get better every week. Can't wait to hear your impressions! Until we can get the Modwright LS 36.5 or the Rogue Athena or Hera :)