Rogue owners what speakers do you like?

What Rogue equipment do you own and how do you like your speakers?


What is the best sounding Rogue Audio setup you have heard and what speakers and components were being used?
My brother has a Rogue 88 amp driving N.E.A.R. 50Me II loudspeakers(which we both own). His setup sounds excellent with an Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamp and Marantz SA-14 source feeding it.
I have a Rogue Audio 88 amp and Rogue Audio 66 preamp both with the Magnum upgrade. I have a pair of Spendor SP100 speakers with the dedicated Sound Anchor stands. I am very pleased with this set-up.
Using a 99 Magnum with a Bryston 4b-st and Thiel 2.3's. So far, so good. Not the best speakers out there, but they suit me just fine. I'd likely consider replacing the Bryston before the Thiels, but I'm not at the moment.
thanks so far audiogoners (?)
by the way, I have Maggie 1.6 QR's.
I feel like I always know what is going on in a recording, and while very defined top to bottom and a well balanced sound, I have not reached audio nirvana. My system is lacking in dynamics (just no snap) and I miss the air on top - it is a little threadbare in the upper midrange.
I have Magnum 99 and 120's, Blue Heaven wire and Rega CD.
I started this thread because I am considering replacement speakers.

thanks again
Phil- I am not a fan of Rogue gear(not getting into it again, just the way I feel), but Merlin VSM-ME speakers sound great with those amps, and have plenty of dynamics. Worth listening too, you can get them in cool colors too :)
I have a 99 feeding a Pass Aleph-3 via 1.5 m of Harmonic Tech.Pro-Silway MK 2'sMe speaks are Paradigm Studio 80's 92dBThis rig throws a HUGE and very transparent stage.My Rega P-25 and Rega Planet have been de-throwned by a Mcintosh MR-74 tuner....yeah,go FM!!
M-120 Magnums driving VSR VR-4's; excellent soundstage/imaging. Nice detail. Very well controlled bass.
Plenty of volume, too.

i believe mark o'brien owns/voices his gear with audio physic virgos.
Rouge and Coincident make a good match.
Both products where reped by same dealer in Toronto.I have heard that the combo allways made nice music at shows.Very nice combo on Vinyl.
I`m using Meadowlark Sheatwaters, I did have Maggies ,but I found the speakers didn`t have any snap either and sold them and bought Innersound Isis. Those speakers were much better , but I really didn`t have enoght power to drive these to loud levels when I felt a little funky, the Sheawaters are just great on the Rogue gear. I have the Magnum 66 with the E80cc tube in the line stage and 7308`s in the phono, all cables are the Dh.Labs stuff, amp is the 88 with the E.H. tubes in it. I also use the Meadowlark Vireo, that is a great little speaker to for small to medium rooms. Greg