Rogue owners, ideas please

I have the M120's magnum and the 99 preamp on their way to me. I was wandering what you all have liked better with yours cable wise? I'm auditioning Acoustic Zen Satori and Homegrown Audio Silver Lace but by the time my amps and preamp arrive I will already had to send them back. In this case do you all think copper or silver for the Rogue components? Thanks for any info and my e-mail is John
I have a 99 with phono.My amp is a Pass Aleph-3.I highly recommend trying some Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MK 2 interonnects.They are a siver/copper hybrid.Great reviews and great in my system. 1 meter used for maybe $250 new $399
i just bought 120s and asked mark at rogue what he used for speaker cable. goertz. my speaker mfg recommends cardas (merlin). since it is rogue to rogue....i am sure he would tell you what they use at the shows. (they use merlins to demo their equipment at the show) are those amps powerful even in triode. good listening (ps he is a very nice guy)
I use Coincident IC in mine.I have tired many of the big name IC Quatro Fil,Wireworld Eclipse Gold III,Jps superconductor+.The Coincident every bit as good at much less.299.00 list hard to beat.i have the 120 with the 66 with Phono stage.
Greetings, I use the Rogue 99 with a Kora Galaxy amp. I have found the TekLine 500-S and 300 with Goertz Bi-Wire MI-2 speaker cable to work well.
As Leafs says, the Coincident CST is a fabulous interconnect. I do not believe that there are many people out there who cannot get great sound from this product. Being that you already have the HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace, I recommend you purchase it and keep it. You would be hard pressed to find a better cable than this. The Silver Lace is the best silver cable I have tried in my system. The Coincident is the best copper cable I have tried in my system. While I currently use both cables in my system, I give the nod to Silver Lace.
If your source tends to the bright side I would shy away from the Silver cable.
Leafs, please give HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace or Silver Audio Hyacinth a try. They will redefine your perceptions of silver. Rather than being bright, tizzy, or shrill, they are smooth, liquid, and relaxed. Possessing a great deal of warmth and detail at the same time. It is difficult to find anything comparable. And the slam of the Silver Lace can be menacing. Definitely not for the bass shy audiophile. I do believe that the bad rap silver gets is more related to silver plated copper, which in my experience is abysmal. Bright, irritating, and confused.
I guess its a matter of taste.I have heard some all silver Goertz and Wireworld.6N copper is hard to beat.