Rogue or Mark Levinson?

I'm trying to decide which amp to get. Basically it's a choice between solid state or tubes. I'm not really married to either format I just want the best amp I can afford. I'll be getting either amp used for virtually the same price so price really isnt't a factor. I have a Marsh p2000 pre-amp, a Rega 25 turtable, an Ortofon Jubilee cartridge, and Kef 201 speakers. I like all rock, 60's soul, and be-bop jazz. Please help me.
I don't have much experience with your choices, but I do notice a common thread in many descriptions of know the one..."it doesn't have quite the same detail as a tube amp..." Now, that is not to say the Levinson amp you are considering wouldn't trounce most tube amps out there, but the Rogue Magnums are very highly regarded. Any chance of listening to each in your setup? Look at the possibility (probability) of selling one or the other off if you decide to move on -- both are sought after and should sell quickly with little loss. I currently own an ARC D300 and never knew what I was missing until I bought it. My next purchase will most likely be an ARC tube amp--probably a VS 55 since it retails for $2495 new and floors me every time I hear the thing. Good luck and enjoy the music!
I have the Rogue(non-Magnum) 88/99 combo with Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods and a CAL 10 CD player. Great for jazz piano and classical with a very smooth sound and tight bass. Not enough "pop" on the low end for me when I play rock. Have not heard the Rogue 120 monoblocks with my speakers though

Have not compared to Levinson.