Rogue Metis speaker polirity

Can anyone help me I just got a Rogue Metis preamp. I was told I need to reverse the polirity at the speakers. The manual says nothing about this. Any help?
You were told wrong information. The only time you would reverse polarity is when something is recorded out of phase and it bothers you enough to correct it. BTW, many can't even hear the difference. Leave it alone and enjoy it!
I found a couple of reviews and neither one mentions that the preamp inverts phase.  If it did, I'm sure the reviewers would have said.  There are some preamps that do indeed invert phase, but I don't think this is one of them.
( The Rogue Metis definitely Inverts)
 Flip both speaker leads at the speakers

 Best JohnnyR
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Thank you John. Bill at Rogue confirms that you do need to flip the leads. Just didn’t understand why no mention in the manual or any of the reviews I read. Once again thank you for all your help. Audio Connection and Rogue both give fast, friendly service I recommend them both highly.
Would someone explain why some preamps invert polarity?  Seems it would be just as easy to not wire them that way.  Thanks
Would someone explain why some preamps invert polarity? Seems it would be just as easy to not wire them that way. Thanks.
A typically designed gain stage in a component having an unbalanced signal path, whether tube or solid state, will invert polarity. If there is an odd number of such stages, such as 1 or 3, the net result will be a polarity inversion. If the entire signal path is unbalanced, including inputs and outputs (that being the case with the Metis), unless the component is one of the few designs which utilizes a coupling transformer somewhere in the signal path the inversion cannot be corrected by means of a wiring change, since there will be no point in the signal path where both polarities exist.

If the design is fully balanced, or if it provides balanced inputs or outputs, or if it has a coupling transformer in the signal path, it would be possible for the designer to compensate for an inversion by means of a wiring change.

-- Al