Rogue M180 or Antique Sound Lab Hurricane DT?

Which ones do you think will be a better choice to drive my Tyler D1's?
Because of the effeciency, a SET class A tube unit...
Lcouplin, any suggestions?
Hi Leog2010;

I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum and really enjoy it. I am using KT120's and it really pushes my Tannoy's nicely. I like the 120's better than the 90's or the EL34's i tried. The Rogue people have been great. I don't have a huge tube frame of reference so this is just food for thought. I have owned a lot of expensive solid state equipment and I like this much better. I've been fortunate to audition a few other tube integrateds. I liked the Cary stuff a lot less. I liked the VAC stuff a lot more.

ASL is better built.
How so Schubert? Have you compared ASL to both?
But what about sound, one use the KT88 (ASL) tubes and the other KT120 (Rogue). I can get the Rogue┬┤s for $4000 and the ASL for $5500, worth the price difference?
Yes, I have , and as a former Navy ET I know the difference between cheap parts and quality parts.
I have the M180's with Black Treasure KT88's, love these amps. Have not heard the ASL amps. Customer service is alos top notch at Rogue.
Although I have never owned anything from ASL I have a hard time believing they are made with such quality (made in China). Especially after reading the Soundstage review where they couldn't even review the amps without taking them to the repair shop first due to blown fuses from the first time they were powered-up out of the box. My guess is you are better off with Rogue - Made in the U.S.A and good customer service.
Hello Leog2010,

I owned the Hurricanes for several years and loved them! They get up and go (horsepower) with all the magic of tubes. This is one tube amp that kicks butt - I can tell you that. I've owned and heard many tube amps. My brother currently owns the amps and FYI....I think he is looking to sell them. If you are interested shoot me an email thru Gon and I will tell you more and hook you up with my brother. His handle on Gon is craigus if you want to contact him directly - tell him I told you about his amps, etc.... and that he might want to sell them. I know he will give you a great deal on them if you are interested. The amps have also had the caps upgraded with Jensen Copper (very nice upgrade) and they have fairly new Golden Lion KT-88's in them! Great, great amps. Unbelievable bang for the buck deal! They have been solid performers for both he and I. I bought them new from Tosh at ASL. Like I said shoot us an email if you are interested. Take care - real nice room you have too!
Keithmundy, which Hurricanes are we talking about, the current series?
Thanks, Leog2010.
I have owned both ,the Rogue is made here in the U.S, more power,
Better parts quality,custom transformers,and if you ever have a question,
Or problem Mark Obrien is there in PA. U.S.A to fix it locally
As well as resale value.Rogue is not the 3rd biggest U.S player
By chance,service after the sale Does Count.p.s it also helps to
Support Our Economy, not no Communist regime !!
Rogue Audio makes some nice equipment that sounds really good. It is made here in the fledgling USA. It has excellent customer service based on living and working here. No one can say it doesn't have very good parts and build quality, and it's all done here.
Nothing against ASL per se but I agree with the assessment they made in more than one review about reliability, not to mention I have never been impressed with much of their products in person, either. I can't speak of this model's sound quality but it seems unlikely that the ASL is necessarily better sounding, even if prices or some other factor(s)? are there? could lead you to believe it.?. It is made by americas #1 international competitor who, quite frankly, doesn't even "play fair", namely China. Do you really wanna buy...?
Rogue has been making very fine AMERICAN equipment for a long time and has earned consumer trust repeatedly over those years.Those KT 88's or 120's sound darn good too.
If you're collecting "votes", my 2 cents says Rogue by a landslide.
Good luck with your system.
Rogue Audio all the way. In the world of overpriced and over hyped gear, Rogue stands out, most other brands would charge at LEAST twice what Rogue does for their products. One of the best deals in all of hi end audio, awesome sounding all American made and fantastic customer service. What more could you ask for.
Finally I've got a pair of Rogue Apollos. Thank you very much for your opinions.
Great choice! Good luck and enjoy the heck out of them!!!!
Those are awesome amps, my friend had a pair.