Rogue M-180 vs BAT vk150se

I would like some opinions on the Rogue M-180 monoblocks vs BAT vk150SE. Speakers are Revel Salon 2. Preamp is Classe CP-800 (which I love), but I will be adding a tube preamp into the rotation (likely the Cary SLP-05, but I am looking at offerings from PrimaLuna, BAT and Rogue).
Sources: OPPO-95, Mac Mini running Amerra, Rega RP3 w/black ortofon m2, squeezebox.

Looking to add warmth, liquid midrange and ever so slightly soften the highs on some recordings.
I own revel f32s with rogue 180s, and I am considering bi amping with rogues on top and solid state on the bass. the rogues are great amps, but revels need solid state for bass control. The salons need lots of current to open up and for proper bass .
I would think the BAT is quite a step above the Rogue, unfortunately they require a lot more maintenance and know how to get their full potential, these amps are difinitely not plug and play units. For one thing they could be over 10 years old, right off the bat I would recommend replacing the .22 oil caps which can be expensive and also changing every electrolytic cap in the unit. Then they require a minimum 20 amp dedicated circuit each to get a glimpse of their potential. If you want to get what I feel to be one of the best amps out there even in today's market, i'd say go for it, but if you are not in the position to do the above changes go with the Rogue.
Chrissain - what are you thinking of putting on the bottom? Something like a big McIntosh SS amp?
Btselect - outside the BAT/Rogue 180's - do you have any other suggestions that I should look at for my setup? I've been reading lots about the McIntosh Mc2301 amps - but that is big time $$.

Now that I have made the decision to go all tube....I'll admit, my head is spinning trying to find a top notch tube amp and tube preamp. I've read good things about the McIntosh Mc2300 preamp....and the Cary SLP-05. The BAT preamps get mixed reviews....


the bat is not above rogue, in my experience the rogues are more neutral sounding. what I am going to do is get the dspeaker dual core digital eq pre and probably a parasound solid state amp. the bass drivers from 190 hertz on down, will be digitally room EQd with solid state controll, while the rogues will only be powering the mid range on up . my room is small and has some not so nice sounding peaks, and I know this will help. The para sound amps are dc coupled, bi polar hi current amps, and this will really help with controlling the revel bass drivers, and the dual core will digitally EQ the peaks out.
Sorry after checking the speakers you are using, I would recommend a high powered solid state amp, and not a tube amp. So if you insist on tube power I would have to say get another speaker. Running tube and solid state power don't match, get a speaker that is tube friendly so that you can run a mono block tube amp, I like and use the Audio Physic line of speakers designed by Manfred.
What size is your room? Salon 2s are power hogs and neither of the amps you're asking about would drive mine effectively in my room of approx. 5,600 s.f., for example.

As Chrissain says, these speakers need high current to shine and to control all that woofer area. I'd be looking at SS amps that provide smooth, well-mannered sound and are capable of pumping at least 300 wpc into 8 ohms - like Pass x350.5, Clayton 300, Mark Levinson 532H, Edge NL Signature or 12.1, etc. (and of course I'm happy to plug the Plinius SB-301 I use with mine as well).

You have a world-class speaker but it is big and hungry...
As Chrissain suggests, Salon 2s are power hogs. I wouldn't use anything less than 300 wpc into 8 ohms to drive them in any room larger than say 2500 s.f.

There are plenty of SS amps that can provide the sonic qualities you're looking for and may be better suited for these speakers than tube amps.
Sorry about the double post!
If you are sticking to solid state, an older Classe ca 301, or cam 350 monos would sound great, and you can get them for not a lot of dough, good luck
Bat is a much better amplifier than Rogue.

that said, I would only use SS for Revels.
Guys - what about the McIntosh MC2301's? I may have to sell a kidney....but....
I was looking at the same amplifiers to drive my Eidolons and settled on these because of their power, ability to handle difficult loads, build quality and location, and features. Read the Olsher review carefully especially the chapter, "The Circuit." Tim de Paravicini and Carver's partner Bob Farinelli did a large part of the design and refinement.

Read the 01-07=2012 post by Thankful comparing amplifiers.

This was the least expensive place to purchase them new that I found. Unfortunately, I haven't taken deliver until 7/21-25 / 2012. I have an MFA D75 on hand to compare directly when they do arrive.