Rogue M-150 versus Canary CA-160

Has anyone compared these two amps, or maybe someone could provide any info on what the qualtities of each is. I'm thinking of picking up a power amp for a pair of Dynaudio C1s and I've these 2 amps pretty well reviewed and reasonable prices. I've seen the Rogue described as dynamic and punchy while still having the tube qualities in the midrange. Is the Canary comparable or does it drift towards a more "romantic" tube sound?
I would not describe the Canary as "romantic". It is a very powerful tube amp that is somewhat neutral, but with just enough tube goodness. It doesn't sound anything like a Sonic Frontiers or VAC amp. Much more musical than that. The CA-160s drive my Piegas with ease. Highly recommended.

Skip tubes and go solid state with your C1.

My experience with many Dynaudio speakers suggests that solid state offers better performance than tubes.

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