Rogue M-150 and Cremona Auditors

I have been thinking about buying the Mac MC60s and someone suggested the Rogue M-150s, the Macs would be a good investment you can always get what you paid for them,But will they sound like old amps. Will the Rogue's sound better with my Auditors,and If so how much better?
I have the M-150'S and can honestly say that they are very well build with excellent sonics.Powerfull with authority.
I run them with Aerial 10t.Sorry never owned Mac amps so I can't make a comparison.Never heard your speakers either.
All I know is the Rogue's are very nicely build and top performers,I am happy to have them.You probably right about the Mac's holding their value though.One thing,ROGUE AUDIO
is one of the smaller companies that offer a superior product and amazing customer support.They DESERVE to grow.
Check their ZEUS amp it's a statement product,that I would like to have in my living room one day.
Best of luck
The question lies in your budget. Having bought from Mac I guess you will have no worse service than Rogue. Becides, larger name and probably the highest authority in high definition audio performance. I figured for myself that Mac is the last amplification unit to have.