Rogue M-150/180 and VSA VR-2 Good match?

Any thoughts on how the Rogue M-150-/180 Mono blocks match up with Von Schweikert VR-2's?
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01-12-10: Cpk
go Rogue!
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01-13-10: Dgordonl
I second the Rogue
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01-13-10: Sgunther
All in favor say I. Get some tubes in your system. I just upgraded my m-150's to 180's and i am very pleased with the results and they are made in America, what a novel concept
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01-13-10: Plato
Yeah, you betcha, TUBES ROCK!!! In fact, I have a nice Cary CAD 120S tube amp for sale!

One thing is pretty certain... the Rogue tube amps will sound quite a bit different than the PS Audio amp. They will require tube rolling to achieve the best sound... And you will never actually achieve the best sound.
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And then a few days later we see this :

Looking for suggestions for amp upgrade
I have $4000 to spend on amps(or amp) for my system. I would like to buy used. I currently have 2 PS Audio GCA 250's bi-amping Von Schweikert Vr 2's. Any suggestions would be appreciated. As noted on another thread I have been eyeing Rogue M-180's
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and the same question posted again today.

Why not just buy them and be done and if you dont like them , then sell them.

Members have given their opinion on the Rogue amps as well as other amps and now you need to make a decision.

But to keep posting the same question every couple of days is getting tiresome.

What is your reasoning for the delay ?

Isn't the 180 very different from the 150?
I do not think that this is the same question. This one specifically referes to the VSA VR-2 match up to the Rogue. IMO the others were more general in form.
If it is tiresome to you please do not answer..easy
I would buy the Rogue. If you don't like them, you could sell them to me. Please tell Mark that Don from Penfield New York said hi and I'll be calling for some 12AX7's to roll.