Rogue M-150

I am wondering what user of this amp are using for tubes in thier unit. I have the factory stock tubes and looking to upgrade possible.
At this moment:
Input - GT 12ax7-M
Drivers - RCA Cleartops
Ouput - Penta KT-88SC (solid plate)
Sounds good to me.
Am using stock power tubes (EH KT88)
Stock drivers (EH 12AU7)
Input are NOS RCA 5751 3-mica (late 50's vintage).

Also recommended are RCA 12AX7 long blackplates if you don't want/like the 5751's.
According to Mark @ Rogue, the input tubes have the greatest effect on the sound.

Hope this helps,
Thanks, I have some NOS tung Sol 5751. I will give those a try.
Kept coming back to the stock Sovetek long plates in the 12ax7 slots on the Zeus. Tried telefunken's and a couple other flavors, none were bad, the long plates just seem to give a crisp and tight sound to the bottom that works well in my system and I don't feel that they are lacking elsewhere.
If your system sounds better in triode mode (mine doesn't) you might also like the somewhat more refined sound of the tele's.
Nobody has tried the Mullard 12ax7 copies from groove tube?
I've had excellent results with the Ei gold 12ax7 and 12au7s in the driver and phase inverter positions, german, telefunken or siemens in the first stage.
I have recently replaced my Sovteks 12AX7LPS with the new Groove Tubes 12AX7 Mullard replicas on my Tempest II.
The GT are extremely quiet, the mids are warmer, and you get a more 3D-like soundstage, the treble is more smooth and airy, but I might have lost a bit of bass.
All-in-all highly recommended !
How long have you been using the GT's? I have a Tempest II as well & just got a pair of the GT's today. Out of the box the seemed nice but I did notice not as much bass compared to the LPS's and some NOS Mullard box-plates I have been using.
Almost a week now... does its bass performance get better ?
Maple Leaf:

Why look for new tubes for your gear? Do you really think that tubes that are all built to the same specifications really sound different from each other???

The whole tube game is a scam. I have taken them apart and they are all made of the same crap ... copper/tin/solder which I know was all purchased from the same sources. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. They cost pennies to produce and then they want us to pay ridiculous prices ... it is all BS.

Spend your money elsewhere, on something that will make a difference in your system, for instance, like on good cables.
I respect your opinion,BUT my problem is why don't you use your regular Audiogon name to express your opinion?We don't bite.
The fact that different tubes sound different is evident to anyone with even mediocre ears. Yes, they can look the same in some regards, but boy, they sure don't sound the same.
Well hello rogue users. i started off with rogue 120's.
Was looking for more power went threw VTL 300's, Hurricanes,
Cary v12, rogue Zeus. I sold them all bought another set of 120 magnums. The zeus sounds good but not as alive as the 120's so i prefer the 120's over the zeus. Joes tube lore is a reference for me as I have the same speakers as he used ( actually the next model higher vr-8). For me tube rolling in the PREAMP makes much more of a change.I found with the zeus the rca blackplates were great but destroy the sound in the 120's. Rca Clear tops sound great as drivers. Sylvania Gold brand 5751 black plates very nice a bit too much would be a better match for the zeus. Nice amps
Wish rogue could make a amp with the output of the zeus and the sound of the 120's...
I got the 150's and recently about a month ago I bought a used Zeus.My intentions are to biamp using the Zeus for bass and the 150's for mids/highs.Call me crazy but once my currently on-going home renovations are over and my room is set up and system running thats what I am aiming for.I hope I will get it right.My tubes ar all stock for now.The Zeus is one heavy amp!!!,boy I had to lift and carry that monster in the house,for now it's resting at a corner in my living room but eventually I need to haul it upstairs to my attic where my listening room will be.It takes three people for that job.
Ya I know that zeus is a monster. took 2 people 40 minutes to get it from my truck to the frontroom. 50 feet (with skid ) I never heard the zeus with my new speakers
5751 have been winners.
I just noticed this old thread,again.I am updating my status.My Zeus is up in the attic now where it belongs.I had made arrangements with my good neighbour friend to come and help me carry it up but he never came.I took it upstairs by myself.It took me an hour to go up two sets of stairs.I did crush one of my oak step when I landed it rough.The one screw under the Zeus put a hole on the oak.No big deal though.All these years in the gym paid off.God this amp is heavy!!!!I haven't hooked it up yet,I am hoping whithin the next two moths to be ready and running.