Rogue M-120 vs CJ MV-60 vs ARC VS-55

I'm considering these three amps. Unfortunately I can't find a local dealer that has all of these for a direct compare. Anyone ever do a shoot-out between these ?

The CJ MV 60 SE is the only way to go. Depending on your preamp and speakers, the Rouge may be a contendor. But, it will be hard to beat the new CJ.
The Rogue M120 may only be a contender for the CJ. But the Magnum M120 will not leave you wondering if you made the correct decision or not.
I agree, and as mentioned, Rouge may be a contendor to the CJ MV 60. I doubt if it is for the 60SE. The SE is a better match of transformers and tube than the original 60. There in no loss of any of the original MV 60 sonic qualities. The SE is a bit faster. The bass response is faster and deeper. The midrange is one shade less warm and sounds cleaner. The highs are extended an more open. If you have heard the 60, then you know what the SE could sound like. There are not a lot of the 60 SEs out there. You need to make the effort to hear this one. Compared to the Rouge the 60SE will sound more liquid with a better soundstage.

You have to take into consideration the rest of your system and the room interaction.

The Rouge is a nice amp and I could live with either, but the CJ MV 60 SE is a new winner.
I listened to a MV-60 yesterday and I can get the dealer demo for 25 % off. Seems like a great deal. They did not mention anything about a SE. I've heard about an SE on the web but have not found anything on the CJ site. What is the price difference ?

I never got to do a shootout but I bought the CJ and I'm loving it.... If there is something better it will be illegal..