Rogue M-120 to Atma-sphere MA-1 Mk.II.2?

I currently use the Rogue monoblocks to drive Von Schweikert VR-5 HSE's and love the Rogues. But I've been reading all the praises of the OTL designs of Ralph Karsten. Anybody out there have experience with these two fine amps and could advise me if you got substantially more quality for the buck when trading up to the MA-1's? I'm also not sure of the compatibility of the OTL design with the VR-5's since they have variable impedance. Thanks!
Generally speaking,if the speaker dips below 4 ohms,your power output will drop.I would think that the MA-1s will be a little "darker" in the top-end.That said,the mids should be a little more liquid/graceful.Bass response will vary depending on woofer/crossover coupling.
I'm not familiar with the VR-5s. Impedance and power requirements are important when matching any speaker to an amp. Paul Spletz's ZERO autoformers are designed to solve the impedance problem, if it exists. It's possible that even your Rogues might benefit from such a device, don't know. If your Rogues play loud enough for you, then I don't see why the Atma-Spheres wouldn't. I don't know the Rogues so I can't speak to the sound comparison. Disclaimer: I have a pair of older MA-1 MkIIs for sale here on AudioGon. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Bill- Looks like you've been bitten hard! Your whole system just keeps changing. Like the other's have said I am not famaliar with the VR5's but if they are fairly effecient and don't drop below 4 ohms then you should be fine. Another amp that may mate up with those speakers would be a BAT VK-75se those amps are great and can handle 4 ohm speakers- although you would be loosing a fair amount of power from the Rogue's. Too many choices- enjoy the voyage :o)
I have no experience with the VR5s but I have had plenty of time to compare the Rogue and the Atma-sphere. The Rogues, while very good amps for the money, are completely out-classed by the MA-1 Mk II.2s and sound quite opaque (in either mode) in comparison. For an OTL design the MA-1s are relatively low impedence tolerant. That said, they do seem to perform better into loads of 8 ohms or above but they will still perform quite well into 4 ohms. If the impedence of the VR5s doesn't drop below 4 (the website seems to suggest that it does not) the MA-1 should be fine. I consider the M-60 & MA-1 to be the best amps I've heard, SS or tube, capable of driving a wide range of speakers.
Ditto Greenman. Although I am a fan of Rogue, other than the ability to take control of a woofer's voice coil, the sonics of AtmaSphere amplifiers are several steps up from Rogue.