Rogue M-120 and M-150

Hi, I am considering buying the Rogue M-120 or M-150 monoblocks and have read a lot of great reviews about both. Since one of the key factors in sound quality is the interaction with the speakers' crossover, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on speakers that have impressed you with the Rogue's amps. By the way I currently have a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4, (which I have enjoyed for several years), but I am also considering a possible upgrade to the Vandersteen Quatro maybe at a later date.
Thanks a lot!!! Alessandro
Alessandro...I owned Rogue M-120 and enjoyed them very much. I used them with Merlin Vsm-Mxe, Sonus Faber Cremona, Speaker Art, and many others. They are wonderful amps that should work quite well with your current speakers as well as Vandy Quatro. My only problem was keeping them running. Unlike many others on Agon who have had great service from Rogue, my experience was not good. Service was expensive and very, very poor. They never were able to get them to work. I had to find a gentleman in L. A. to repair them. Again, I am sure most have good luck with them, I didn't. FWIW, I bought them in the beginning on the recommendation of a friend, and his failed as well. I have heard great things about the Rogue M-150 though.
I have a buddy that had 120's upgraded to the 150's and there is a very noteable improvement. Pretty much an improvement in all aspects. Well worth the extra money for the 150's, IMHO. He is driving Vandy 2ce Sig with them.
One of our members owned the Rogue Zeus, Rogue 150's, and Rogue 120 Magnums...he stated in a post that the 120's were the best sounding of the bunch. He sold the Zues and 150's, and went back to the 120's. (you can do a search for that info)

I have 120 Magnums driving Apogee Duetta Signatures, or Apogee Stage...both sound wonderful with the Rogues.

That said, I would probably get the 150's for several reasons.

1. The 120's run very warm
2. The 120's are hard on tubes
3. The 150's don't run as warm
4. The 150's aren't hard on tubes

I honestly doubt, that there is much difference in sound quality, between the two (150's/120 Magnums)...I suspect the 150's are the more reliable design though....given the factors I mentioned above.

Good luck,

I have had the M-150 amps for 4 years driving audio Physic Virgo's and now Martin Logan Summits. They worked well with both and Logans are a tough load 1ohm at 20khertz.
Great amp in my opinion also good opportunity to tweak to your taste by rolling tubes.
I had M-120's and upgraded them to M-150's. I felt the M-150's were better in every way. I drove Proac 3.8's with them with very good results. I tried many amps with these speakers:Classe CA200, Audio Research 100.2, Bells 350A, Accuphase E-406, and Plinus 9200. The Rogues were the best match for these speakers. They were a little hard on tubes. I had to re-tube them each of the three years I owned them.
Thanks to all for your quick replays. I first heard the 150's about two months ago at a friend's apartment that is similar to ours, a large open space which high ceiling.
He drove the Vandersteen Quatro and the combination seemed sublime ... Carreras voice in Ramirez Misa Criolla was mesmerizing! That's why I have been thinking about the Quatro as well. He had other amps and swears the Rogues changed the sound of his system. He also had the 120 Magnums for one year before he got the 150's and said they were a great value deal, sounding very close to the 150's, with some differences but not so noticeable. But the heating issue concerns me.

I am also concerned by Mag5000's complaint with Rogue's service. Anybody else had that experience?
I, for one, have had great service from Rogue.
I found Rogue service to be well above the norm, they even sent be a schematic for my 120's when I requested one for local "non-Rogue" repair service.

I had no idea what they would say when I called them, but I didn't want to ship two amps, all the way to Rogue for a simple repair...probably $150 shipping cost.

My local tech guy told me that when he had a couple of questions regarding the repair, Rogues tech guy was more than friendly...and answered all his questions.

Alessandro, I think Rogue Audio has no doubt earned their reputation for fine service. No company, nor product, is perfect. My experience with them was certainly in the minority I would assume, and I always was able to speak with Mark (not sure which one) and he was always very nice. They just couldn't seem to fix my M-120's. I would not hesitate to try the M-150's.
I agree with Eldarado, as we've both listened to the same system. The M150s are not the same animal as the M120s. If you liked what you heard with the M150s you will be dissapointed with the M120s.
Thanks! this has been very helpful ..
hi, I have had m150s for a litte over a year, had them sent back to rogue for upgrades, and love my amps ! I have had no problems, except for a couple of bad tubes the amps came with, which were replaced by rogue no problem. rogue is a great company ! the offer one hell of a product for the money. I have some friends that have purchased rogue amps after hearing mine. one friend and I did a shootout between a audio research hd220 amp and the new appollo monos and the rogues just killed the audio research ! It was better , much better in everyway possible. I think that the rogues offer one of the best values in the market today. just my two cents, goodluck, chris
I own the M150's,the Zeus and the Magnum 99 pre.Great products.Mine are hooked to Aerial 10T and I get excellent sound.I talked to Mark O'Brien many times on the phone and he is very friendly and helpful.I needed a new toggle switch for the back of my Zeus to replace an existing bend one and Mark offered to send me a new one free of charge.I am not sure how the toggle switch got bend but it is a huge and very heavy amp and somehow it happened probably when I lifted it in place on the amp stand.