Rogue M-120

How easy or difficult are these to bias the output tubes? I am considering a pair of these but have not biased tubes before.
Very easy. The M-120's are auto biasing. The M-150's are manual but, very easy.
The Rogue M120s are self-biasing - you don't have to do anything.
For the extra $100 or so on the used market...get the 120 Magnums.

Thanks for the responses. I was hoping you were going to say they were auto biasing. Funny, from my google search, none of what I could find indicated they were self biasing. What can you expect going from the 120s to the Magnum 120s and then to the 150s? What is a good price range for these assuming stock tubes? I know what the blue book says, but... :).
Check out the Cayin 860 Monos. Fabulous construction and superb sound to match. A real bargain.
I have never heard the non magnum version of the 120's but the difference between the 120 mag and the 150's is big. 150's are quieter and sound effortless compared to the 120's.

Good luck.
Here is a link the the 120 manual. The only difference between the mag and non-mag version is quality of parts.