Rogue Hera II and Athena-info wanted


There isn't much info on either of these. Has anyone had a chance to hear them, and compare them to any other preamps? I had my heart set on getting a Herron 3a preamp (or possibly a McIntosh C2300 or ARC LS26 or LS27: basically something tubed but neutral) and the Rogue came up as another "neural and musical, yet tubed" option. An ex-local dealer was raving about them as well, but they discontinued carrying the line due to lack of name recognition. He did suggest trying to track one down.

Any opinions?
I have to cut this short as Im drunk.
Rogue cant be beat unless you have mega bucks.
I did audition an Athena for a weekend about 6 weeks ago and really liked it a bunch. It was very holographic and just brought the system to new heights. I could not afford it at the time and have ordered something else. One is for sale here right now at a great price.

It's also built like a tank!
I'm just curious, what did you settle on, a Rogue Hera II or Rogue Athena?
I have the Athena which replaced the BAT 32SE, and I have to say that the Athena is an incredible preamp! I am so happy to have it in place of the BAT because the BAT was harsh whereas the Athena is so musical. I love it!