Rogue fans, what would you do???

I need to re-ask this of all you as I am pleading for your insight and help based on your own experience with Rogue equipment.

My last amp definitely lacked fullness in the lower mids and as a result saxophones, oboes etc. felt cheated and lacked their lower timbre and throatiness. Brass didn't sound brassy enough, woods woody enough, cellos were thin etc. I definitely want that to not be the case with the new setup I buy.

I have heard that the new Hyrda with a Perseus preamp is very very good but unfortunately I can't stretch quite that far cost wise I am afraid.

The combos I think I can afford more reasonably are the following-

1. Tempest III (PS do you make a magnum version of this with the better tubes etc. like the old super magnum upgrade?)
2. Atlas Magnum with a Perseus Magnum
3. Hydra with a Metis Magnum (I have been told that the Perseus is definitely a much better preamp but I would rely on your judgment as to this being a good option of course)

Also, I’m not a big fan of speaker hiss so I would want to make sure the pairing I end up with has a very quiet background too.

So in a word Help!!! I need your brain trust :)
If you want a fuller sound, then you can achieve that with any of the Rogue tube amps that can accommodate the KT120 (I believe the Atlas Magnum and up, though check with Rogue). I wasn't a big fan of the EH KT90, though some were/are - too lean for me. The small signal tubes also have a significant impact. That's what's great about tube gear - dial in your sound.
what are you using now?

are you sure your speakers are not the problem?

we need details about your setup...
The amp I was using was a Roksan Kandy K2 which is really a fantastic amp and quite good don't get me wrong. I had the opportunity to use a Peachtree iNova for a bit though and it just was a bit better in the area I mentioned above but it did not have the soundstage or musicality of the Roksan and was a bit under powered for my Soliloquy 5.3's. So what I am looking for is something of a combination of the best attributes of both if that makes sense.