rogue, ear, or other amp for quad 57

I have been researching the best match for a quad 57. The rogue atlas with the factory magnum mod did very well in this test Others have strongly advocated EAR products, as Tim Paravicini reportedly uses them as monitors and that they handle the widely varying Quad impedence with aplomb. (, scroll down to esoteric audio paragraph) I have found only 2 other people in audio forums with experience with the Rogue Atlas and the Quads. Any opinions regarding SET vs push pull for electrostatics? Anyone with experience with these amps and Quads? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I own Quad 57s and have tried and still own many of the highly recommended amps. I have used the Scott 222B, Stromberg Carlson EL 84 amp, Bedini 25/25, Heathkit UA-1s and 2s, as well as an Electrocompaniet AW 70. They all work extremely well with the 57s--it comes down to what sounds best to your ears. My favorites have been the Heathkits,the Stromberg, and the Bedini. Good luck.
Thank you for your response. That is a beautiful collection you have. I think I will start by purchasing the Rogue Atlas magnum, which is relatively inexpensive used. I can then schlep that to my local dealer to audition it versus the EAR 861.Do you have any opinions about the OTL Atma-sphere 60 with the "Z Music Transformer with Quads?"
Thanks, Tom
Tompoodie, if you have '57s, M-60s do not need any external devices like the Z-Music or the ZEROs.
Thank you for that input, Atmasphere. I have read many of your posts and appreciate your objectivity and insight.