Rogue + Dynaudio 1.3 ?

I am upgrading my system with limited buget. I like the sound of Rogue88/66 combo and Dynaudio 1.3 Mk2. Unfortunately, no nearby dealer carries both. I don't if this match is going to work out. Any comment is highly appreciated. BTW, my listening room is small (13*12*8).
Unfortunately NO! Dynaudio, especialy monitors need a lot of juice. No kiddin' even in your room you will rob Dynaudios of that solid, tight bass if underpowered. If you are to go with Dynaudios anyway, get Rogue pre-amp with Odyssey Staratos amp. Or if other way around, go with Living Voice Avatar speakers (i am suggesting all used). They are OUTSTANDING!
Thanak you, Kkursula. I do want to give Rogue88 a try. It's hard to find Living Voice speakers. What other speakers would you recommend?