rogue dronus magnum issues

I have purchased a rogue audio magnm that has played beautifully up till now, it's now dead. wont' even power up! I am going to contact Rogue. but I bought it second hand so I have no warranty. There is a potted squard section in the middle of the amp where 4 wires come in and are terminated. One of the 4 wires is burned insulation with exposed wires. I suspect this is the problem. How it happened I have no idea, I am running Martin Logan Aeris i's which are a difficult load but I would have assumed this would knock out the output tubes if abything? Help!!
That is quite a cute slip of the keyboard there. An amp named Dronus wouldn't sell any better than an an amp named screech.
This could be the beginning of a great thread about comical imaginary names for amps. I always thought that Edge was an ill-conceived name for a line of electronics.
One of the 4 wires is burned insulation with exposed wires. I suspect this is the problem.

I would tend to agree with that suspicion !!!! :)
this poor guy is probably looking for more helpful responses than these, come on guys!
I think you're describing a bridge rectifier. I had a similar problem with Rogue M120 monoblocks - the bridge rectifiers were undersized for the current that was going through them, and were cooking one of the wires. Under guidance from Mark from Rogue, and with larger replacement rectifiers he sent me, I was able to swap them out. Some minor replacement wiring was necessary to replace the damaged wires. If you take on a repair yourself, make sure you understand the safety issues of working on tube equipment - (how to discharge capacitors safely etc) as there is potentially lethal voltage inside tube equipment even when powered off. This would be a simple job for any competent tech.
Call Mark and Nick at Rogue Audio. They're really good guys, and I'm sure they can help you out even though your amp was bought second-hand. And, congrats on assembling a very nice system. My system is very similar to yours, and I'm sure you're enjoying the music as much as I am. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
Also, not that this will help your current situation, but did you know that you can change the output terminals to match a 4-ohm load? The Cronus has only one set of speaker terminals, but there is an in-chassis swap (solderless, I'm pretty sure) to tap the speaker terminals for 4-ohm use. This may be a help for driving a "difficult load," which often means the speaker's impedance drops below 4 ohms.
call Rogue, those guys are great to work with!
Thanks guys! Totally ignoring the "light in the loafers" spell check comments I went right to relavent helpfull advise offered by Johnnyb, Swanny and Mwilson, along with others and Nick at Rogue is overnighting me a new recifier as well as solders wires to replace the less than adequate rectifier. He is also going to get on the phone with me live to walk me through the fix. Rogue is an awesome company! Regarding my poor spelling and typo's, please grow up guys and strap on a pair to actually provide relevent info for others in lue of Jr. High wanna be intelect.

Remember, it's music we all love and this forum is "normally" a great place for help. Thanks again to Johnny, Philjolet, Adam18, Mwilson and Swanny. The other door knobs, please save your comments for someone else. My sense of humor is at an end when up against an issue regarding my passion which is music. Peace!
Way to go Jimbo ! I'm glad you called Rogue. Nick and Mark have both helped me out in the past, and I'm glad that they're taking care of you. Good Luck with the repair, and keep on enjoying the tunes.