Rogue DragoN or Bel Canto Ref600 M

Considering moving to either a Rogue DragoN or Bel Cato Ref600 M’s.  Current equipment: PrimaLuma HP Integrated, PS Audio Direct Stream Sr. DAC and Joseph Audio Prospectives.  Initially will use PS Audio as pre.  Looking for more headroom while maintaining classic tube like sound stage and move to US based equipment.  
Would like to hear others opinions / experience with Rogue and Bel Canto etc.  

Thanks for sharing your experience.  It really sounds like the same road.  At this point I’m leaning towards the RP7 with the BC 600m’s.  Thanks again for sharing you journey. 
I have been out of pocket. Yes, I have heard both amp. I found the BelCanto more natural and effortless. 
I have tried direct from DAC to power amp in several system and always go back to a preamp in the system. 

But it all comes down to your ears in your room.
Thanks for sharing.  I think I agree but will post once I have experience.  I've ordered the BC's and the Rogue RP7.
I am considering the same two amps -- the BC 600M's and the Rogue DragoN.  I have the BC 500S, like them quite a bit, but am intrigued by the hybrid DragoN's.  Please report back on your experience.

(I'm also considering the  PS Audio M1200s, similarly interesting tube, class D hybrid).
but am intrigued by the hybrid DragoN's.
Hi, look at my 3rd post.
Not really a hybrid, as it still has opamp buffers to drive the Hypex NC500 amp modules with, the tube buffers are added in front of the opamp buffers just to give sound "tube colouration".
Not too keen on this,
A buffer from your source (dac or pre), driving "another tube buffer" and it's driving another "opamp buffer" before the NC500 amp get driven.
Too many buffers 3 x in series all adding distortions and noise. 

Cheers George