Rogue DragoN or Bel Canto Ref600 M

Considering moving to either a Rogue DragoN or Bel Cato Ref600 M’s.  Current equipment: PrimaLuma HP Integrated, PS Audio Direct Stream Sr. DAC and Joseph Audio Prospectives.  Initially will use PS Audio as pre.  Looking for more headroom while maintaining classic tube like sound stage and move to US based equipment.  
Would like to hear others opinions / experience with Rogue and Bel Canto etc.  

I've had the Bel Canto amps for a couple of years now. They do not disappoint in any way.  Musical, detail, sound stage.  I have been using them with two different tube preamps and the result is stunning.  They had the juice to power my Acoustats and the clarity to couple well with my Goldenear Triton Ones.  BTW, I'm using a BC DAC too.  Very nice.
If it matters, I listen to a lot of jazz and orchestral music, solo instruments, music from around the world, all kinds of rock, and plenty of pop from all eras.  It all sounds musical and pleasing.
Sorry wrong pic above for the Belcanto’s opamp input.
This is it circled

Cheers George

Now that I look closely at the Rogue, it too probably has opamp buffers (circled) to drive the Hypex NC500 modules with.
With just maybe the tube as input for the buffer to give some tube flavour, good thing is that "could" be switchable bypassed by a good tech.
And would result similar to Belcanto then but with linear supply my preference.

Cheers George
I’ve had full tube rogue gear for years, like 20 years. I’ve not heard the dragoN but have read a lot of good press on it. One of the things I like about rogue is that, while it’s tube based gear, it’s not overly "tube sounding." It tends to be very neutral and punch way above it’s weight class. I would say that if you want the option of tubes in a preamp later on, go with the Rogue. Their RP line is stupendous. My RP-7 is amazing sounding and I haven’t even changed out the stock tubes yet.

When pairing amps and preamps great care just be taken to make sure they are really a good fit. If you stick with all Rogue it’s meant to be used together taking component matching issues out of play.

Having said all that, I’ve read great things about Bel Canto but have little experience myself.