Rogue DragoN or Bel Canto Ref600 M

Considering moving to either a Rogue DragoN or Bel Cato Ref600 M’s.  Current equipment: PrimaLuma HP Integrated, PS Audio Direct Stream Sr. DAC and Joseph Audio Prospectives.  Initially will use PS Audio as pre.  Looking for more headroom while maintaining classic tube like sound stage and move to US based equipment.  
Would like to hear others opinions / experience with Rogue and Bel Canto etc.  

The Bel Canto Ref600M are great amps. I think they are sonically ahead of the Rogue.
That is the direction I’m learning.  Thanks for the feedback.  
have you heard either amp ? 
few people have heard the new Dragon based on the latest Ncore modules 1. since it is new and 2. covid effects on audio shows and dealers since the DragoN was introduced.  

OP there is a nice write up on the DragoN in TAS including product of the year.