Rogue Cronus vs Rogue Cronus Magnum

Hello Rogue Owners. Is the Rogue Cronus Magnum (KT90, KT120) better than the Rogue Cronus (EL34)?
There is no "better." They are both wonderful amplifiers, and your choice between the two should be based on the speakers you'll be using. For me, my speakers, and my room, the "plain" Cronus sounds sublime. My Revels are quite efficient, and there is a great synergy between my amp and my speakers. If your speakers are not too efficient and you need more power, then the Magnum version would be a better choice. Either way, the Cronus is a tremendous value and a terrific amp ! Have fun and Happy Listening.
I think that most would consider the Magnum to be better, since it incorporates parts and design elements not possible at the lower price point of the non-Magnum.

Now is it going to be very noticeably better or worth the cost of the upgrade in your system? Tough to say. It'll depend on the speakers.
Agree with Rogue that the Magnum is better in lots of ways besides power. Only your system and room will determine if the upgrade is worthwhile for you.
The upgrade is not very expensive in the grand scheme of things. I would just get the magnum personally. I'm getting the K120 kit for mine which is 300 hogs and comes with the top with larger knockouts for the KT120's and the KT120 tubes themselves. It's nice that Rogue does that sort of thing. They're a nice company to deal with.

I have owned both and I can definitely say the Magnum is way better to me. It had a more modern sound ie. better bass definition, cleaner highs, and more power. If you can swing it I would get the Magnum. If you tried to upgrade the std. version later it would cost more money.....