Rogue Cronus vs. Onix sp3

I am thinking about buying the Rogue Cronus integrated tube amp and was wondering what others have to say about it. I have used the Onix sp3 and was wondering if any members have had the chance to listen to both. I have always valued other members comments and would love to get some feedback regarding these two amps!

I found the Onix SP3 dry. I much prefer the EL34 sound, it sounds gutsier?

I think the Onix was closer to SS sounding where the Rouge sounded more musical perhaps less sterile?

The Onix sounded wonderful with wooden instruments and with small groups of players, the Rouge sounded much more defined with complicated passages or with current rock music. I thought the bass on both units were excellent.

The price difference is extreme however.

The rouge averages 4 to 6 times the money on average for new vs. new.
the rogue is an incredibly refined unit. the el34 is the best of both worlds....smooth and dynamic.
I have a Cronus on the way, so I am looking forward to listening to it! If The sp3 is dry and the el-34 tubes are the way to go I can't wait until it gets here.
I have had a chance to listen using Totem Model One monitors. The sp3 at low volumes is definately a steal at the $550.00 that Underwood HIFI sells them for. I have not listened to anything that will come close in that price range or even 2X the price! The Rogue Cronus is a definate step up from the Onix though. The sp3 shines on simple music, such as small string Quartets and Acoustic/folk, but when things get complicated and fast instraments start to blend and the detail isn't as precise. The Rogue stays focused, the sound stage and imaging is more like like at higher volumes and the midd to upper bass notes are tighter. When the mallet hits the kettle drums or hands make contact with the skin of a djembe, you can hear the actual contact of the two coming together. The same sounds are not present with the sp3. The sp3 just moves the air and does not have the speed of the Cronus in the lower frequencies. I would like to her others commentswho have had a chance to hear either of the two with other speakers!