Rogue Cronus questions...

What are the different tubes used in the regular vs. Magnum units? With the internal parts upgrades can the Magnum still use EL34 tubs? I do like the sounds of the EL34 and it would seem the parts upgrade should help the Magnum units sound better?

Also, after warmed up, what kind of hun/noise if audible close to the unit and from a 9' away listening position?

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EL34's in the stock Cronus. KT90's in the Magnum version. You should be able to use EL34's in the Magnum version with no problems (slight adjustment on the bias).

No real audible noise from the units. You would certainly be hard-pressed to hear anything from 9' away.
You can use the EL34 in the Magnum, however you won't get the 90 wpc that the KT90s provide. Also, if you can find socket savers you can use the KT88 or KT 120s per Mark at Rogue (need socket saver because the base of the KT88 is too large for the opening in the amp)- bias at 35. Never had any noise issues with when I had my Magnum. Well made and excellent customer service before, during & after sale