Rogue Cronus Magnum w Vienna Bach Grands?

Pending move into a smaller place may force me into a 2 channel system only, with no room for the HT components I have now. My current system is anchored by VA Bach Grands and Theatro Grand center up front. If I sell the center and multi channel amp that drives them all, it may be a good time to make my first venture into tubes. I will be keeping the VA Bach Grands in this new 2 channel system.

I keep reading great things about the Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated amp. It seems to have the power to get the job done properly with my 4 Ohm Viennas but I have no direct experience with tube amps. Can anyone comment on this amps ability to drive my speakers? All thoughts and comments are welcome regarding this possible pairing. Thanks!
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IME, Rogue is a sonic match for VA speakers.
I have found the Bach Grands to work very well with a wide selection of amps of various power ratings.