Rogue Cronus Magnum phono stage

So I've got a Cronus Magnum and at the moment, it matches my cart which is a hi output Grado Reference Master 1 and I'm toying with playing with other carts. The phono stage in the Cronus is factory set at 47k ohm load and 150pF capacitance which I have matched very well with my tonearm cable. Just curious if anyone had done any mods to this unit or how to set dB and load if it's possible without soldering. I have looked into outboard phono stages, but I'm not quite ready yet. Any ideas?
Also wondering what peoples feelings are about the Rogue Stealth Magnum vs the Triton.
I'm very happy with the way my Rogue Audio Cronus' built-in phono stage handles my Rega front end. You may want to consider calling Rogue Audio and speaking with Mark O'Brien. He's really good at giving the kind of advice you are seeking.
Adam18. I love the way it sounds with my Scout/ Grado makeup. I just wanted to play around with MC carts and most of the ones I've been looking at are gonna need more than the 45dB that I believe the Cronus phono stage is set to. I've talked to Mark on a couple of occasions and you are correct, he is great in helping out with the tweaks. Think that's definitely my next step. Cheers.
Let us know how things work out Curtis. It will be interesting to find out if it's better for you to go with a separate phono stage that can handle the low output of an MC pick-up, or use a step up device through the Cronus' own phono stage. By the way, I think you have a great system !! As you can see from looking at my system, I've been a big fan of the synergy between Rogue and Vandersteen for many years. I am now really loving how the Rogue Cronus drives my new Revels.
The music is magnificent. Also, it seems that we agree on the choice of the Speltz anti-cables. Pretty cool, huh ? Happy Listening !!
That we do, Adam. Last week I also picked up a couple of Signal Cable power cables as well. They have made a clear difference and I'd rather spend the six or seven hundred that I would have spent on higher end cables toward a phono stage or a step-up. Thanks, man.