Rogue Cronus Magnum new with KT120's

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has the newer Rogue Cronus Magnum that ships with the KT120's or has anyone upgraded their older Magnum to 120's? I was speaking with Nick at Rogue (great guy) and he said they'll send me a new cover with the larger knockouts and a matched quad of KT120's for $320. Will I notice anything besides increased power to 120 watts? Will this upgrade tighten up bass or anything? Speakers are Harbeth C7ES3. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I seacrhed the threads and couldn't find anything on this upgrade.
I own an atlas magnum with older cover and was wondering the same thing!
Its driving me nuts. I might just have to make the investment. I have read from professional reviewers that its amazing wit your amp which I guess is similar to mine. . I was just hoping for Agoners experience. Rogue said most people prefer it and my local dealer said it will be awesome as well. My big issue is I might buy an Ayre AX7e and I'm trying to figure out which to do first. I want to own both tubes and ss and I love my Rogue and want to keep it forever. Resale is not worth getting rid of it. Everything else is in place for me. My system sounds better than I ever expected.
You may want to verify that there is an increase in power. I tried them in my M180s and there isn't an increase in power, they just aren't run as hard. Compared to my Gold Lion KT88s there may have been slightly more bass but lost was the transparency and holographic sound of the Gold Lions. The KT120s did not sound special at all. If Gold Lion comes out with some KT120s I'll try them again.
I didn't ask them that question but I will. There's a dealer that claims 120 watts over 90 so I just assumed that was the case.
I believe that the KT120s do not give any additional power to most Rogue designs. But I did prefer them to my EH KT88s in my Stereo 90.