Rogue Cronus Magnum II and Vandersteen 3A Signature combination

I'm thinking about purchasing a Rogue Cronus Magnum II integrated amplifier to drive my Vandersteen 3A Sig speakers.  Vandersteen audio recommends at least 100 watts and I'm worried the Rogue may not be powerful enough to drive the speakers.
If anybody has heard that combination I would really like to hear about it.
Thank you!
I haven't heard this combo together but I have heard a CM2 power up a pair of Treo CTs at Audio Connection and they sounded great. I would give Johnny @ Audio Connection a call. He knows both products extremely well. 
I have heard that combo because I had that about 6 years ago. It's a good combination. I was generally pleased with the sound. The Vandies are reasonably efficient and the Rogue has good headroom not exactly 3 db or double power but adequate. I went through a couple of iterations. In general: I bi-wired my set up.  My listening room is 19 x 26 main area with an open floor plan with space going to 47 feet. My taste in music is classical large orchestral pieces played at 95 + db crescendos standing far back or concertos played at medium levels with in the listening area.  Jazz of the Blue Note era sitting within the main room at normal listening levels. Pop and classic rock.

With the straight amp to speaker set up, the sound was full bodied fairly quick but definitely a tube sound i.e. rounded and a little rolled off on top not in a bad way. As I said, was generally pleased.   I noticed that the Cronus had extra fixed outputs which after some coaching by Mark O'Brien, I tried running a Vandersteen sub actually dual subs with good result albeit expensive. I also tried connection from the extra outputs to a SS amp with a gain control connected to the bass drivers on the Vandies without the subs. That sounded great as well. I adjusted the level of the sub amp and later dual sub mono blocks by ear. With the later two approaches the sound was the best with the Cronus just powering up midrange and high. 

Hope that helps.