Rogue Cronus Magnum Dies Help

I was listening to my Rogue Cronus Magnum this afternoon This unit had cap and resistor upgrades done at Rogue by the original owner a couple of years ago., Today suddenly the remote stopped working I changed batteries which were fine I also tried to program a LT 350 but that did not work either I called Rogue but they had no idea. 20 minutes later the volume control started working via remote.

I went for 20 minute walk with the dog. Upon arrival home I found the amp the amp dark No tubes lit , no blue light on. I tried the power button on and off Nothing Unplugged it waited then plugged it in Nothing I checked the power supply fuse and it is fine I checked another large fuse inside. it is fine as are the 4 small ones. Push the power button It does nothing Took it in the kitchen Same thing Dead as a whatever. What happened here?? The main transformer go out??? Thanks  

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Kind of like a dog with a bone?  What is your deal??  Let it go.

I do not take a car to the dealer  I change my own oil. If a bearing goes bad I fix it. If the vacuum cleaner cord needs replacing I do it. If a outlet  is bad I fix it.  If a speaker terminal is bad I replace it  If a tonearm needs rewiring I do it.  (Not good on the eyes for blind guy)   Point being if I can do it I try to.  Sending something and wasting $160 in shipping is a last resort  ONLY if  I cannot do it or have it done locally.  Why is that such a hard concept to understand?? 

Here is very realistic scenario  and I am almost betting on this kind of thing  They get  10 minutes into the bench check  find out it is a bad cap or something like that   A $5 to $10 part  They remove it and install the new one .  I have done this and it takes maybe 15 minutes  Cost including shipping  Around $360OR
I figure it out or someone says ya that happened to me Here is what I found  $10 cap and 20 minutes of my time DONE
AGAIN why is making an attempt to avoid the hassle and cost of sending it across the country and paying someone 3 digit bench fee  so hard for you to understand?  LET IT GO
It is in their hands now.
Kind of like a dog with a bone? What is your deal?? Let it go.

all I was simply saying that if it only costs you a small amount of money and you like this unit, then its worth it.
it might just be a $5-10 part that went bad and it will take the tech a few minutes to diagnosis it...but what you can you do ?     .         
  if you are going to sit here and complain about how much something costs to ship or the cost of a  $5-10 part that went bad , but they charge you some crazy amount for diagnosis / parts and labor....then maybe you need to find a different hobby.       and that is all you have done is complain on how much its going to cost.   deal with it and move on.

 do you think that you are the only member here that has had to deal with something like this ?             

have a nice day .
The winner is...rodman9999   Bridge rectifier was out  Total cost $330Now I just wonder how this unit would compare to a Marantz PM 14s1?
Glad to hear you figured out the problem.  BTW, I also wonder why people would post unhelpful replies but that seems to be the way of some. Reminds me of someone I once knew who would get angry if asked for advice and then that advice wasn't followed.  I'm asking for advice, not asking you to make the decision for me.
last year i traded in my rogue cronus magnum "dos" that i had for almost three years of faithful service.
the dealer i went to was playing a system fronted by a $3K Rega Elicit R amp driving a pair of klipsch la scala speakers. the music sounded very good and enjoyable. pleasant.
the dealer connected up the cronus (stock tubes) to the la scalas and the sound became instantly much more open, clear, transparent and BIG.  amazing !  the cronus mag absolutely shredded the rega elicit R, with stock tubes to boot !
i ran some reasonable NOS small signal tubes in the CM II and the sound was worlds better than the stock tubes.
three power amps and three pre amps later the sound is finally much improved over the cronus mag- but the journey was difficult and expensive.
sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.