Rogue Cronus Magnum Dies Help

I was listening to my Rogue Cronus Magnum this afternoon This unit had cap and resistor upgrades done at Rogue by the original owner a couple of years ago., Today suddenly the remote stopped working I changed batteries which were fine I also tried to program a LT 350 but that did not work either I called Rogue but they had no idea. 20 minutes later the volume control started working via remote.

I went for 20 minute walk with the dog. Upon arrival home I found the amp the amp dark No tubes lit , no blue light on. I tried the power button on and off Nothing Unplugged it waited then plugged it in Nothing I checked the power supply fuse and it is fine I checked another large fuse inside. it is fine as are the 4 small ones. Push the power button It does nothing Took it in the kitchen Same thing Dead as a whatever. What happened here?? The main transformer go out??? Thanks  

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Rogue does not charge outrageous price to repair unit.  I wouldn’t screw around with it, I would ship it to Rogue. 
Even with my FedEx or UPS account it is still $50 to $65 to ship this thing each way and going back and forth is 8 days total just shipping time. Once there the meter starts running plus parts pretty sure their rates are high.

amazes me that members will spend pretty much any amount on equipment , cables, speakers, etc....but when it comes time to ship the unit as it needs to be repaired, they complain how much it will cost.   
Then you are worried about the back and forth time....which it might not even take that long.
if you want the unit fixed, then send it to Rogue and be done with it.

I wouldnt have even started this thread, I would have contacted Rogue, got the info I need to ship it and it would be on its way.     
 First I want to say  thanks to those that tried to help.
I too am often amazed at responses that get sent on various sites hence I avoid posting much.  Most members try to be helpful  as most on this post have  Then there are other responses that just assume things and are not helpful.   " members will spend pretty much any amount on equipment , cables, speakers,"  Who are you talking about??  Really?? My cables are $100 used interconnects (old AQ and Analysis Plus. Speakers are $400 to $700 used Mirage OM5s, M3s and Infinity RS 2.5s   I did not see a poll on whether something should be posted or not  did I miss it??   FYI  I ship many things and know pretty exactly what it costs and how long it takes.  Nice job riley

I guess the logic of trying to avoid the cost, expense and time as well as possible damage to the item by shipping  and just hoping  someone might have had this experience and it is a simple fix is just to way out there.  Again thanks to those who thoughtfully responded  it will go Rogue
I think you are on the right path. You brought up the common stuff, fuses etc. After a quick look, it seems like a factory repair issue. 

My cables are $100 used interconnects (old AQ and Analysis Plus. Speakers are $400 to $700 used Mirage OM5s, M3s and Infinity RS 2.5s
if you can afford all of that , then you can surely afford to ship the that will be nothing to what you have spent on cables and speakers.

i sent you a pm when you first posted this and suggested that you ship it back to Rogue.....other members have chimed in and said the same I dont see why you dont just do it.?

if it was a huge amp then I could see where shipping costs could be a factor and the risk of it being damaged in shipping.....but this amp doesnt weigh all that much......and it doesnt have to travel very far, so not many hands will handle it.