Rogue Cronus Magnum Dies Help

I was listening to my Rogue Cronus Magnum this afternoon This unit had cap and resistor upgrades done at Rogue by the original owner a couple of years ago., Today suddenly the remote stopped working I changed batteries which were fine I also tried to program a LT 350 but that did not work either I called Rogue but they had no idea. 20 minutes later the volume control started working via remote.

I went for 20 minute walk with the dog. Upon arrival home I found the amp the amp dark No tubes lit , no blue light on. I tried the power button on and off Nothing Unplugged it waited then plugged it in Nothing I checked the power supply fuse and it is fine I checked another large fuse inside. it is fine as are the 4 small ones. Push the power button It does nothing Took it in the kitchen Same thing Dead as a whatever. What happened here?? The main transformer go out??? Thanks  

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Since you own a multimeter: check the voltages at the bridge rectifier.     (no AC in = transformer / no DC out = rectifier)      Don’t take anything for granted, regarding the power switch, solder joints (etc), ahead of the tranny.                 If those voltages are good, follow the circuit/voltage, until you find it’s stopping point (CAREFULLY).
You mentioned being able to get the remote working ("I came down 30 minutes later and tried and all of a sudden the remote worked. Very odd.").       If the Cronus was completely, "dead": how do you know the remote was working?      Just curious, as that's how you’ve characterized the unit.
Thanks  I little tight in there and with my eyes it might be harder
rodman, Read my post  The timeline is there.  The remote issue (not working and then working)  happened a couple of hours before it died
Sorry, for the oversight.     Hope you find your issue.
Rogue does not charge outrageous price to repair unit.  I wouldn’t screw around with it, I would ship it to Rogue.